Oasis Charitable Trust is the sole member of Oasis Community Learning (OCL) and appoints members of the OCL board.

The information on governance included here supplements that described in the Directors’ Report and the Statement of the Directors’ Responsibilities. The Board has met formally four times during the year.  Attendance during the year at Board meetings was as follows:


Name of Director     Attendance during 2022/23 academic year
  Appointed Resigned Attended Out of a possible

Nicholas Bent 

1 April 2008 

  8 Feb 2024

Andrew Blundell 

11 Oct 2012 


Craig Dean 

9 Oct 2014 


Keith Dennis  

7 Oct 2010 

13 Sept 2022 

Ann Holt 

13 Sept 2007 


Ali Layne- Smith 

13 Feb 2020 


Stan Chan 

24 Mar 2022 


Jason Arday 

27 Jan 2022 

16 March 2023 

Dave Rasmussen 

6 Jan 2020 


Caroline Taylor (Chair) 

21 Oct 2021 


Andrew Simmonds 

24 April 2009 


Paul Turner 

11 Nov 2020 

16 Dec 2022 

Gordon Carver 

16 March 2023 


Julian Scholefield  

16 March 2023 


Rachel Arthur 

17 March 2023 


The Board has appointed four sub-committees:

(a) The Audit & Risk Committee (Chair: Andy Simmonds) whose responsibilities cover:

  • Internal controls and risk management
  • Compliance, whistleblowing and fraud
  • Policy review
  • Internal Audit
  • External Audit and statutory financial reporting

(b) A Board Finance Committee was established in December 2015 (Chair: Stan Chan as of June 2023). Its responsibilities cover:

  • Financial strategy
  • Monitoring and review
  • Budget
  • Treasury
  • Governance & Regulation

(c) The Curriculum & Learning Committee (formerly the Performance Evaluation Committee) (Chair: Andy Blundell) whose responsibilities cover:

  • Evaluation of key indicators, especially educational performance data
  • Assessing progress of the academies over time against National OCL targets
  • Identifying success and urgent priorities for remedial action

(d) The People & Renumeration Committee (Chair: Ali Layne-Smith) whose responsibilities cover:

  • Organisational culture, ensuring our organisation is fully inclusive and in line with our ethos and 9 Habits
  • Seeking assurance that our policy framework is compliant, speaks into who we are as an organisation and is successfully implemented/monitored.
  • Evaluate KPIs and wellbeing indicators.
  • Succession planning and our CPD offer, ensuring that it meets the current and future needs of Oasis Community Learning.
  • To monitor the relationship and benefits of the work between SLDT and Oasis.
  • To maintain oversight of high-risk people cases

Attendance at Sub Committee meetings

Attendance during 2022/23 academic year
  Attended Out of a possible
Audit & Risk Committee    
Andrew Simmonds (Chair) 4 4
Stan Chan 4 4
Dave Rasmussen 3 4
Paul Turner 2 2
Caroline Taylor 3 4
Curriculum and Learning Committee    
Andrew Blundell (Chair) 4 4
Nicholas Bent 0 4
Caroline Taylor 4 4
Ann Holt 4 4
Rachel Arthur 1 2
Julian Scholefield 1 2
Finance Committee    
Stan Chan (Chair) 5 5
Andrew Simmonds 4 5
Caroline Taylor 4 5
Dave Rasmussen 4 5
Paul Turner 2 2
Julian Scholefield 3 3
People and Renumeration Committee    
Ali Layne-Smith (Chair) 5 5
Jason Arday 0 3
Caroline Taylor 5 5
Ann Holt 3 5
Andy Blundell 4 5
Craig Dean 5 5


Oasis Community Learning – Business & Pecuniary Interests of Board members

Board Member

Relevant Business Interests

Nicholas Bent

  • Founder & CEO of The Tutor Trust (education charity)

Andrew Blundell

  • Trustee of Tonbridge Gold (DofE Gold Expedition training and assessment)
  • Trustee of the Tonbridge Half Marathon
  • Trustee of the Sheppey Endowment Fund
  • Related to Trustee of Lawson Trust

Craig Dean

  • Director of Oasis IT Services (subsidiary of OCL)
  • Related to a Teacher at OA Clarksfield
  • Related to an Oasis Executive Assistant

Ann Holt

  • Trustee of the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust
  • Trustee of Culham St Gabriel Trust (Religious Education Charity)
  • Trustee of Oasis Restore (subsidiary of OCT)

Andrew Simmonds

  • Director of Oasis IT Services Ltd (subsidiary of OCL)

Ali Layne-Smith

  • Nil

Dave Rasmussen

  • Nil

Stan Chan

  • Trustee and Director of Big Society Capital
  • Sole trader at Straits Consultancy (Management & Financial Consultancy)
  • Trustee of Raileigh International
  • Trustee of CBF Church of England Investment Funds

Caroline Taylor

  • Trustee of Oasis Charitable Trust (OCL’s parent company)
  • Related to the Chair of Governors of St Matthias Primary School, Malvern
Julian Scholefield
  • CEO, Esteem Multi-Academy Trust – Multi-Academy Trust
  • Trustee for the National Autistic Society
Gordon Carver
  • Director - Tribal Group Plc
  • Director - Arboreum Ltd - Education Consultancy 
  • Trustee - Lively Minds - Childhood Development Charity
  • Related to Partner of Travers Smith LLP - Law Firm
Rachel Arthur
  • Head of Computing at Teach First
  • Related to Associate Tutor at Chester University

John Barneby
(CEO & Accounting Officer)

  • Trustee & Director of School Led Development Trust/National Institute of Reaching
  • Related to Director of Moringa Ltd which supplies leadership training and coaching
  • Chair of Governors at Mayhill Primary School