Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community



A very warm welcome to Oasis Community Learning!

I am delighted that you are interested in finding out more about us. Oasis Community Learning was established as a Multi-Academy Trust in 2004 with the vision to create “Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community”. We now run academies in five main regions throughout the UK, providing either Primary, Secondary or All-through education to over 32,000 young people - 47% of whom are from disadvantaged backgrounds and 31% speak English as an additional language. 

All of our academies are committed to providing a rich educational experience and ensuring that every child and young person has the opportunity to achieve at the highest level. Our ethos is integral to that provision. It is an expression of our character, a statement of who we are and therefore the lens through which we assess all we do. We are committed to a model of inclusion, equality, healthy relationships, hope and perseverance throughout all aspects of the life and culture of each academy community.

We passionately embrace learning and are committed to every child within our care reaching their full potential, developing holistically across every area of their lives both now and in their future. All of this is underpinned by our philosophy of education which highlights our focus on inspirational leadership, deep learning and healthy communities. It aspires to develop the character and competence of every child within every community of which we are a part.

At Oasis Community Learning therefore, we believe we are all ‘the architects of our students’ lives’ and as such we are committed to laying the right foundations for every one of our young people.

We also know that great schools are only sustainable within happy and healthy communities. In order to tackle the root causes of disadvantage we seek to ensure that school improvement and community development go hand in hand. In this way, the improvement is likely to be deeper, mutually supporting and long lasting.   

Our academies are therefore just a part of an Oasis ‘Hub’ that provides wide-ranging and integrated services, designed to meet the needs of local people. Our shared aim is to work with and alongside disadvantaged children, young people, whole families and members of the wider community, empowering them to transform their neighbourhoods into places that are safe, supportive and full of opportunity. We want to see no one excluded or isolated, inclusive communities where every individual is supported to thrive and flourish. Find out more about Hub and what we do for our communities. 

So we look forward to your family potentially becoming part of Oasis, in the knowledge that we will work in partnership with you to ensure your children become confident learners ready to fulfil their aspirations in life.

Best wishes,

John Barneby

Chief Executive Officer, Oasis Community Learning