Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Advice and Support

Offering advice and support services throughout our communities is at the core of what our Hubs set out to achieve, and a real privilege. We are able to offer help through guidance, practical support and signposting on a number of issues, such as food and nutrition, spiritual and personal journeys, health and wellbeing, family cohesiveness, debt advice and advocacy. 

The wellbeing of our communities is at he heart of all we do. We understand that wellbeing is not simply about physical health, but about the person as a whole; their philosophy, their financials, their relationships with others and their mental health. 

Case Study

Fatima's story: Freedom from Debt

Fatima* was referred to an Oasis Debt Advisor by a member of staff at her children’s school. She was at risk of being evicted within a week due to rent arrears and had a number of other urgent debts. She had been working part-time on a low wage and her previous benefit payments had been stopped. Due to the health needs of one of her children, she was unable to work more hours and soon did not have
enough money to pay the bills or feed her family. ‘She wasn’t able to work out how to fill in the forms she needed to submit to re-start her benefit payments,’ explains Food Bank and Advice Centre manager, Rebekah Gibson. 

We were able to give her an emergency food parcel from our foodbank and she met with one of our debt and benefits advisors. The advisor went to court with her, to try and help save her home.

Finally, after three trips to court, Fatima was allowed to stay in her home. Her advisor helped her reapply for benefits and her income more than doubled. This allowed her to set up repayment plans for her other debts. Fatima’s children excelled in their exams and the mental and physical health of the whole family has vastly improved since having some financial stability. 

Fatima is now well on her way to becoming debt free.

*name change for protection.  

last year

  • We supported 30,737 people in our advice and support programme
  • 25,808 were supported for food poverty
  • 953 for personal and spiritual reasons
  • 2772 for their health and wellbeing
  • 872 for family support
  • 79 for debt advice 
  • 205 with advocacy services