Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Advice and Support

Offering advice and support services throughout our communities is at the core of what our Hubs set out to achieve, and a real privilege. We are able to offer help through guidance, practical support and signposting on a number of issues, such as food and nutrition, spiritual and personal journeys, health and wellbeing, family cohesiveness, debt advice and advocacy. 

The wellbeing of our communities is at he heart of all we do. We understand that wellbeing is not simply about physical health, but about the person as a whole; their philosophy, their financials, their relationships with others and their mental health. 

Case Study

James' story: Freedom from Debt

James* is a single man, who started struggling with his mental health and found it difficult to work. He had debts of nearly £4,000 when we started working with him, and was living off Job Seeker's Allowance of £73.10 a week. £18 of this had to go to a shortfall between his rent and housing benefit. This left James with a tiny amount of income to live on, and he relied on a credit card and overdraft until he hit his limits. He also had gas and water bills he was unable to pay. 

The Oasis Hub debt advice service helped James apply for his Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and began negotiations with his creditors. His Oasis advisor secured a Thames Water Customer Assistance Fund payment, which cleared £600 of his water bill. James was awarded PIP, which also triggered receipt of the severe disability premium of Job Seeker's Allowance. 

His weekly income is now £236, more than 3x his previous income. He is able to pay off his gas debt, and we are now in negotiations to help clear his overdraft and credit card. 

I feel like a different person now, to when i first came here. I cant' tell you how much of a difference this extra money will make to my life. I felt so hopeless before and didn't think this could change. 

*name change for protection.  

last year

  • We supported 5,287 people in our advice and support programme
  • 3459 were supported for food poverty
  • 800 for personal and spiritual reasons
  • 485 for their health and wellbeing
  • 297 for family support
  • 144 for debt advice 
  • 102 with advocacy services


in 2018-19 we mapped the progress of 40 parents/carers with whom we were working on a one-to-one basis using the family star plus tools. 

We saw the following percentage of people consolidate their position and progress on their journey to change across 10 areas:

  • 57% physical health
  • 86% wellbeing
  • 86% emotional needs
  • 68% keeping children safe
  • 61% social networks
  • 82% education and learning
  • 75% boundaries and behaviour
  • 79% family routine
  • 36% home and money
  • 35% progress to work 
  • 93% of parents moved forward in 1 area
  • 93% of parents moved forward in 2 areas
  • 89% of parents moved forward in 3+ areas