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Children and Youth Work

Oasis Hubs run a range of universal and targeted children’s and youth programmes around the country.  We provide space and opportunity for children and young people to take part in positive activities together outside of school and family and within their local community.

At Oasis, we believe that young people are more likely to grow up successfully when they experience positive developmental relationships with important people in their lives, whether that be youth work staff or peers. These close connections facilitate young people’s ability to discover who they are, shape their own lives, and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

Creating opportunities for developmental relationships to grow and flourish is an important feature of our children’s and youth programmes, as is the opportunity given to young people to lead, shape and strengthen our communities. This approach supports the process of personal and social development, through which our young people develop social and emotional capabilities, including determination, self-control, persistence and self-motivation.

We believe that these skills are important in their own merit and also for their significance in providing a foundation upon which children and young people can achieve broader outcomes.

Case Study

Oasis Hub Waterloo: Targeted Youth Support

Oasis Youth Support (OYS) is a lifesaving and award-winning programme for young people who are victims of violence. OYS works within the A&E Department at St Thomas’s Hospital providing preventative, critical A&E and post-incident personalised and responsive support for young people. The OYS programme aims to empower young people to make positive lifestyle choices through targeted support, reduce re-attendance rates to A&E due to violence and reduce crime amongst young people who have been victims or are perpetrators of violence, including gun and knife crime. 

OYS uses a key ‘reachable moment’ (attending A&E due to violence) to engage with young people and support them into a ‘transformation journey’ away from violence and into a positive and hope-filled future. Our intervention is built around regular one-to-one mentoring for a period determined by the young person and OYS Youth Support Worker. The mentoring focuses on creating trusting relationships, building self-esteem, working to reduce salient emotions (fear, anger etc.) and damaging behaviours.

OYS has been successfully delivered at St Thomas’s Hospital from September 2010. The success of OYS has resulted in North Middlesex Hospital A&E department commissioning the service under the management of Oasis Hub Hadley. 

Two years now, I’ve been out of trouble. And that’s really good…I like the way that I’m going and I’m hoping to get somewhere in the future. 

Service User

If I’d never met him (OYS youth worker), then I don’t think I’ll be here today or done any of these things… The way I was going, I would be in prison. 

Service User

Last year we:

  • Delivered 83 Children and Youth Projects
  • Worked with over 3,800 children and young people. 


We also surveyed a sample of young people across our Hubs who were engaged in our youth programmes and we found that: [1]

  • 86% of young people had friends they could trust and who valued their friendship
  • 72% of young people had friends who encouraged them to take responsibility for their choices and pushed them to get better
  • 79% of young people had friends who supported them in difficult situations and helped them to achieve tasks and goals
  • 77% of young people had friends who helped them try new things
  • 88% of young people had a Hub staff member who they could trust and who valued them.
  • 83% of young People had a Hub staff member who pushed them to do well and learn from their mistakes
  • 92% of young people had a Hub staff member who built their confidence so that they could try new things.
  • 96% of young people had a Hub staff member who treated them with respect and gave them a say
  • 78% of young people had a Hub staff member who connected them with people and places that broaden their horizons


[1] Developmental Relationship survey: February 2018