Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Children and Youth Work

Oasis Hubs run a range of universal and targeted children’s and youth programmes around the country.  We provide space and opportunity for children and young people to take part in positive activities together outside of school and family and within their local community.

At Oasis, we believe that young people are more likely to grow up successfully when they experience positive developmental relationships with important people in their lives, whether that be youth work staff or peers. These close connections facilitate young people’s ability to discover who they are, shape their own lives, and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

Creating opportunities for developmental relationships to grow and flourish is an important feature of our children’s and youth programmes, as is the opportunity given to young people to lead, shape and strengthen our communities. This approach supports the process of personal and social development, through which our young people develop social and emotional capabilities, including determination, self-control, persistence and self-motivation.

We believe that these skills are important in their own merit and also for their significance in providing a foundation upon which children and young people can achieve broader outcomes.

Case Study

Oasis Hub MediaCityUK: Imogen's story

Imogen is a 14 year old student with a brother who is constantly in and out of hospital. Because of the constant worry for her brother, and having been bullied at an earlier age, she has suffered from depression and anxiety. he has struggled socially and found it difficult to focus on her education. All of which has led to low self-esteem 

She was referred to the Oasis Hub Media City UK mentoring programme and although she was very shy and quiet during the first few sessions, she became more confident and began to open up to her mentor and discuss her worries. 

Imogen now leaves each mentoring session with a clear head. She is able to look back and see the improvement mentoring has had on her. She is in a much happier place and has increased confidence and self-esteem. All of which has improved her ability to focus in class, and thus improving her grades. With a boost in confidence and her newfound self-esteem, Imogen has increased her training at her local trampolining club outside of school and is on her way to become a Sport and  Young Leader in Girl Guiding, neither of which she would have ever thought possible. 

I am grateful for the mentoring project as it has helped me grow in confidence and self-esteem and has improved my mood. I feel more comfortable in trying new things. It ha s made me see things in a positive new way. 

Last year we:

  • Worked with over 6,900 children and young people. 
  • 3,618 of these accessed holiday provision
  • 2,586 accessed universal youth services
  • 331 children received mentoring
  • 254 attended breakfast clubs
  • 186 had targeted youth services


At Oasis we use Outcome Stars - a family of evidence based tools for measuring and supporting change. 

In 2018/2019 we mapped the progress of 136 young people with whom we were working on a one-to-one basis, using this framework. 

We saw the following percentage of young people consolidate their position and progress on their journey of change across 6 areas. 

  • 60% making a difference
  • 70% hopes and dreams
  • 60% wellbeing
  • 54% education
  • 71% communication
  • 69% choices and behaviour
  • 88% moved forward in 1 area
  • 68% moved forward in 2 areas
  • 43% moved forward in 3 areas


I have fun and feel safe

I can open up about my feelings and trust people.