Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Children and Youth Work

Oasis Hubs run a range of universal and targeted children’s and youth programmes around the country.  We provide space and opportunity for children and young people to take part in positive activities together outside of school and family and within their local community.

At Oasis, we believe that young people are more likely to grow up successfully when they experience positive developmental relationships with important people in their lives, whether that be youth work staff or peers. These close connections facilitate young people’s ability to discover who they are, shape their own lives, and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

Creating opportunities for developmental relationships to grow and flourish is an important feature of our children’s and youth programmes, as is the opportunity given to young people to lead, shape and strengthen our communities. This approach supports the process of personal and social development, through which our young people develop social and emotional capabilities, including determination, self-control, persistence and self-motivation.

We believe that these skills are important in their own merit and also for their significance in providing a foundation upon which children and young people can achieve broader outcomes.

Case Study

Tyler's Story

Oasis Youth Service workers are attached to two North London hospitals and are called to support
young people arriving at A&E due to violent assault or self-harm.

Tyler (name changed) was one such young man. Aged 15, he arrived in A&E in July last year seemingly with a medical complaint. The on-duty consultant spoke to him at length and learned that he had been assaulted by members of a local gang twice in January and February of 2019 and had subsequently
not left the house for fear of further gang violence. Only when his father was able to drive him, did he leave the house to go to church or visit a friend.

The young man disclosed he had missed six months of school. He was also suffering from weight gain and had lost all hope for his future. The hospital referred Tyler to the Oasis Youth Service (OYS)
and Matt, a trained mental health youth worker, arranged to meet him at home. OYS worked with Tyler to rebuild his confidence in gradual steps, first taking short trips out to local parks and then accompanying him on various activities, such as dog walking.

A year later, Tyler has just been signed off from OYS. He returned to school and, despite missing so much education, he gained several GCSEs. He began eating healthily and attending the gym
regularly and both his fitness and his confidence have improved. He has been accepted into a sixth-form college and is keen to forge a career as a nurse or police officer. Says Youth Worker Matt, ‘Tyler’s case highlights the fact that when clinical staff are able to really communicate with their patients and
ask the right questions, underlying concerns can be addressed. 

This lad is such a lovely young man, it was a shame that he lost so many months of his young life to the fear of gang violence but now he has a really bright future ahead of him.

Matt and his team supported Tyler and his family in their meetings with the Education Welfare Officer to find a new educational placement where he could feel confident

Last year we:

  • Worked with over 7509 children and young people: 
  • 1,878 attended targeted programmes
  • 5,631 accessed universal youth programmes
  • ran 753 summer sessions
  • delivered 26821 meals to children during the holidays
  • reached 997 families in need


At Oasis we use Outcome Stars - a family of evidence based tools for measuring and supporting change. 

In 2019/2020 we mapped the progress of 122 young people with whom we were working on a one-to-one basis, using this framework. 

We saw the following percentage of young people consolidate their position and progress on their journey of change across 6 areas. 

  • 59% making a difference
  • 56% hopes and dreams
  • 81% wellbeing
  • 63% education
  • 66% communication
  • 85% choices and behaviour
  • 85% moved forward in 1 area
  • 66% moved forward in 2 areas
  • 48% moved forward in 3 areas


The mentoring sessions have really improved my self image

The staff have helped me with my confidence and i am so proud of my involvement in the body positive project