Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Community Empowerment Programmes

We are a movement of people who are committed to supporting with the transformation of the communities in which we live, learn and work. Our vision is to see neighbourhoods, towns and cities become places full of aspiration, opportunity and friendship. 

The needs of each community is complex. There are many interconnecting factors that come into empowering people to reach their potential and regain that sense of belonging and achievement, including social, physical, educational, emotional, environmental, vocational and spiritual. For this reason our teams of volunteers, youth workers and community staff work day-in-day out to create strong local communities in which no-one is excluded or isolated. Where everyone can thrive. 

We run a number of community empowerment programmes across the country, with the aim of giving our communities the tools they need to make the changes that matter to them. It is vital that they feel hopeful, enthusiastic and most of all empowered to persevere with their goals, so that they can reach their targets and be proud of their achievements. 

We deliver community cafes, adult education, support groups, mentoring schemes and healthy living projects to name some. 

Case study

Ruth's story: Oasis Hub Foundry and Boulton

Ruth is a local activist within her community and a strong advocate of local people coming together to support each other. ‘Just because you need help, you should not feel shame or blame. It is too easy to feel demeaned and helpless when you find yourself and your family in difficult circumstances.’

When Ruth discovered that Oasis Hub Foundry and Boulton (OHFB) in Birmingham was launching ‘Your Local Pantry’ she stepped in as a community volunteer. OHFB opens once a week and for a small payment of £4, offers community members a selection of food to the value of £15-£25. ‘Ruth now co-manages the Pantry and is entrepreneurial in her approach with lots of creative ideas about how to organise and lead the project,’ says Meg, the Hub Leader, ‘she is really compassionate but also fair, and she advocates that community members pay a small sum rather than get the service free, giving people power and dignity.’ Ruth has recently launched a 10p raffle at each pantry opening and in the first week she made £20. The proceeds go back into the project and will pay for a Christmas Hamper.  Ruth says, ‘I don’t think I will ever fully understand what I bring to the team as I’m just being myself, but I know what every other person brings to the team. I’m truly blessed to have my FaB Family, as they are all amazing and work so hard to make the pantry work every week.’

Ruth knows from her own life experiences that we all need a little help sometimes. She is really excited about taking on the leadership of the project and ensuring that families in difficult circumstances can access support with dignity and empowerment. Not a hand out but a hand up, offered by local people who know something of how it feels to be in hard times.

Just because you need help, you should not feel shame or blame. Everyone needs a little help sometimes

Last year:

  • 3490 people were regularly involved in our empowerment programmes
  • 2797 were involved in community and social action projects
  • 623 were involved in pathways to work projects
  • 45 were involved in farming and growing projects


I now have a real hope for the future for me and my family and I am determined to make a success of this opportunity

My mental health has improved since starting here and i've learned lots of different skills already.