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Holiday Programmes

We are critically aware that for many children and families on low income the school holidays are a time of social isolation. Often families cannot afford to take part in activities, take their children on days out or even have friends over, resulting in children spending significant amounts of their holiday indoors. It is also a time when children cannot access free school meals, putting financial pressure on families that rely on their children having one substantial meal a day.

Trussell Trust research shows that a staggering 78% of households helped by foodbanks had skipped meals or even gone days without eating in the past 12 months. This is likely to be most acute during times when free school meals are not available.

Oasis Hubs deliver a broad range of activities during the school holidays, providing food, fun activities, learning and support to families, helping to alleviate holiday hunger, reduce isolation, raise children’s aspirations and reduce the stress felt by parents on limited budgets.

Spotlight on....Oasis Hub Oldham: Hubabaloo

Hubabaloo is the holiday programme running 4 days a week for 5 weeks in Oasis Hub Oldham, targeting families from the local community of Hollinwood. During the school holidays Hubabaloo becomes a hive of activity through the family stay and play sessions providing craft activities, drama workshops, sports, day trips, growing projects and farm activities. The programme is linked with the Hub’s Community kitchen project, which provides a lunchtime meal every day.

In summer 2018, 500 children and young people, parents and carers attended the Hubabaloo programme, 120 went on a trip to Blackpool Zoo and the Hub served 1,100 meals.  The summer finale, was a wonderful summer fayre with 200 people including families and partners.

Hubabaloo provides a safe environment for families to engage in enriching activities, ensures that children and young people don’t go hungry, reduces isolation and promotes opportunity for developing relationships and community cohesion. The volunteers have gained confidence, feel valued and express increased aspiration and improved health.

Hubabaloo  has been fantastic for us as a family, holidays have never been so much fun, we have done things as a family, met new people and because we were able to save for the trip with the credit union over a long period , we  were really able to enjoy our day out at Blackpool Zoo 


We delivered in Summer 2018

  • 25 days during the summer, holiday activities ran across 10 hubs (250 days in total)
  • 2309 individuals attended these activities
  • 46,000 meals provided