Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

The Monitoring and Evaluation Team

We have a group of specialists here at Oasis who work as part of the Oasis Monitoring and Evaluation Team (MET). With backgrounds in teaching, educational leadership and Ofsted inspections, the MET provide trust leaders (including our CEO, Board and Directors) with key information on the performance of individual academies, and trust-wide strategy impact.

Working closely with the MET means that we are able to ensure our Principals feel supported in identifying academy priorities and best practice methods for implementation of positive change. MET reviews are not just a narrative or audit, they identify root causes of academy successes and reasons for any underperformance.

It is important that our leaders feel empowered to innovate in the best interests of their young people and communities. Therefore, the MET will always work in partnership with them through visits to the school, agreement of practical next steps and reviewing progress periodically throughout the year. Core areas of focus can include: curriculum planning, the quality of teaching, the personal development of students, how well they conduct themselves and their attendance as well as the efficacy of the systems and leadership that sit behind them.

Initial visits to our academies take place in the Autumn, with the size of the review team reflective of the number of students and context of the academy. Later in the spring or summer term, the academy receives a second or third visit to evaluate progress against recommendations previously made.

Having a pool of reviewers to draw from, allows our Director of Monitoring and Evaluation to closely match the lead reviewer to the needs of each academy, and helps us move one step closer to our mission of exceptional education at the heart of every community.