Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

National Lead Practitioners

As part of our strategy and innovation for school improvements, the trust offers our educationalists the opportunity to become National Lead Practitioners (NLPs) for their specialisms. NLPs are highly effective teachers and leaders who are released from their own academy for 1.5 days a week to design, innovate and enrich the Oasis Curriculum. They work hard to promote best practice in all academies across the trust and are seen as experts in their field. 

Our NLPs are line managed by National Curriculum Leads, all feeding into our National Lead for Curriculum, Pedagogy & Behaviour, National Director for Strategy & Innovation and National Director Monitoring Standards. There is the opportunity for multiple NLPs within subject specialisms across the country, incorporating fresh and new ideas from across the group. Through the existence of the NLPs we can build a better curriculum, and a better life for our teaching staff and students. 

Would you like the opportunity to become a leader? Find out more about the opportunities available to join the Oasis family