Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Sharing Best Practice

Oasis Community Learning promotes effective, evidence-based practice across the group. We believe that leaders should, first and foremost, be empowered to innovate in the best interests of their students and communities. Whilst each Oasis academy is unique, all our leaders are driven by a shared and empowering vision to provide Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community.

Our vision provides a touchstone for all that we do as a trust. In order to provide our leaders with the best opportunities, we also have in place - and are continuing to develop – certain core design principles and systems that harness best practice and garner expertise and talent. Through input from our most knowledgeable practitioners and best performing academies (who then become Best Practice Academies), we give our schools a chance to share and to shine. 

The OCL Best Practice Directory is the basis of how we develop school-to-school support across our family of academies. It is fundamental to how we manage change and maintain the cultural ownership of a constantly changing organisation that prides itself on innovation and raising standards.

The directory is a source of great practice, which can be accessed by individual academies within OCL at any time. Organised in specific categories, such as Reading, Safeguarding, Inclusion and SEND to name some, it is updated continuously as best practice is quality assured.

This will provide the very best learning opportunities for our children and so raise pupil outcomes in our communities.

The Best Practice Directory is a fluid and changeable library of resource, due to the nature of education and as a MAT, OCL is consistently looking to celebrate the very best practice that will have a positive impact on outcomes for pupils nationally.

Partnered with the work our National Lead Practitioners do and the Oasis Curriculum, we are working interdependently as one family towards one common goal.