Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

The Monitoring and Standards Team

The Monitoring Standards Team (MST) is a team of specialists in education who provide Trust Leaders – including the CEO, the Board, the National Directors and Regional Directors – with key information on the performance of individual academies and the implementation and impact of trust-wide strategies. Their partnership and support enables our leaders to better identify future priorities whether these are at individual academy, regional or trust-wide level.

Working in partnership

At the heart of the working values of this team is a shared belief that our Principals should be empowered to innovate in the best interests of their students and communities. To support in this, the team spends significant amounts of time with academy leaders agreeing priorities and building these into a series of practical next steps. Our academies are reviewed during the autumn term in the first instance in line with the Ofsted framework, but with a core focus on leadership, teaching, learning assessment, behaviour and personal development.

The MST then work in partnership with the academies throughout the year, offering guidance and support with school improvement. This process is not designed to mimic Ofsted inspections, but more as an independent opportunity to create the best academies with the optimum learning environment for our students.

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What our leaders say about working with the MST