Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Continuous Professional Development

Oasis IT considers professional development as a critical component in delivering an excellent service and ensuring our staff are valued and developing in their career alongside their own ambitions.

Through our national training provider all staff can access a wide range of formal classroom courses, gaining qualifications in everything from IT service management to Microsoft Azure administration. There are opportunities throughout the year for training, and employees are encouraged to speak to their line managers about their interests and next steps to learning. 

As the Oasis IT team are responsible for all aspects of the IT infrastructure, project management, service management and SharePoint devolvement there is significant expertise that can be shared across the team. Colleagues can shadow and learn from other departments within the team as part of their professional development. 

Each year every member of the team attends the National IT conference which is an excellent opportunity for training/development and getting to know the different departments and disciplines that make up Oasis IT.

For the technical staff that work within our academies there is an excellent opportunity to take part in our allowance programme. This programme includes a range of courses, skills and personal targets that need to be completed in order to earn an additional salaried payment.