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An excited, enthusiastic Eco team win Clean Air School Award at Oasis Academy Skinner Street

It’s a time to celebrate at a local primary school in Medway as an enthusiastic team of young eco warriors win the Best Clean Air School Award 2019.

Oasis Academy Skinner Street in Medway, Kent received an impressive accolade last week at the Green Schools Awards 2019 where they were presented with the Best Clean Air School Award for Medway 2019.

Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove, described the awards as a “great example” of engaging young people in protecting the environment – a key goal of the government’s drive to make 2019 a Year of Green Action.

To become a Green Champion School, a pupil, or whole group of pupils as a school council, should lead an activity that promotes green travel to their primary school. These pupils must themselves use green travel (walking, cycling, or scootering) to get to school as often as possible.

Oasis Academy Skinner Street is an active part of Medway Council’s Air Quality Monitoring programme to explore the impact of traffic on school air quality. The school set-up air monitoring equipment on the Academy grounds last year, and altogether will collect air quality data for a period of ten months.

Kate Harper, Principal of Oasis Academy Skinner Street, commented on the Academy’s achievement saying; “I am so proud of the pupils and staff at Oasis Academy Skinner Street for really championing the green initiatives to help combat poor air quality in the local area.”

Just last week, the pupils at Oasis Academy Skinner Street put out their third set of test tubes to collect samples and they are expecting results to start coming back from the laboratory at any moment! Pupils are excited about the project and are already actively thinking about how to present their findings in the summer.

The Green School Programme fits with the Academy’s commitment to green travel as participants of WoW (Walk on Wednesday). The school even combined its WoW and air pollution monitors to form an enthusiastic new Eco Team.

KM Charity Team and Inspire Schools delivers literacy, road safety and walk to school initiatives to support schools, families and children – as well as supporting the charitable sector by staging collaborative fundraising events which any cause can use to boost their fundraising.

Staff, pupils and parents at Oasis Academy Skinner Street are all fired up about developing all green activity across the school and into the local area to help combat poor air quality.