Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Green travel on the agenda for Oasis Academy Fir Vale

Eco-conscious youngsters from a local primary school situated in the heart of Sheffield have come together as part of Clean Air Day in a bid to promote clean travel to and from school.

A group of pupils from Oasis Academy Fir Vale, were picked to produce posters around the topic of Clean Air Day, these were taken by Burngreave Clean Air Team and mounted on cards, and shown in their special clean air assembly and Clean Air Day event.

Last year, as part of their Clean Air Strategy, Sheffield Council banned motorists from leaving their engines running outside 20 Sheffield schools, to protect children from pollution.

As part of the day of events, classes were given a challenge to design a poster that has a strong message on how they can improve sustainable travel, look after our environment and how walking, cycling and scooting can improve your health and reduce congestions on our roads.

A special assembly was held for parents, pupils and staff on 19th June and run by special guests from the Burngreave Clean Air Team.

Helen Round, Principal of Oasis Academy Fir Vale, commented saying; “We’re really keen on improving the air for children.”

“We’re very much a school that goes the extra mile and we know that these children are our future so we want them to be fit, active and healthy. To be able to allow them to walk to school in a nice, safe environment is a great start to that.”

The Burngreave Clean Air Team are a campaign group that aim to make local people aware of the effects of air pollution and what they can do to reduce it themselves. They also address their concerns to local politicians, schools and organisations which could reduce local air pollution.