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Isle of Sheppey students centre stage for royal visit

Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey students Lillie May Gammon and Archie Stewart met The Duke of Kent this week during a royal visit to the region. 

Lillie and Archie have been part of a ten strong team of Oasis Academy students who have been working on the Dockyard Church Project for the last fourteen months. The team of students have worked with Dr William Butler from the University of Kent to produce ‘Tales of Sheerness Dockyard Church’. They have spent many hours interviewing people who have memories of the Dockyard Church, had them recorded and transcribed. This work will appear on The Dockyard Church website. The students work has been shown by Dr Butler at Faversham History Society and by Dr Butler, Lillie and Archie at Bluetown Heritage Centre.

The Duke of Kent went to Sheppey and one of the projects he wanted to see was The Dockyard Church Project, and to meet two of the students involved.

Despite a few nerves, Lillie and Archie discussed the what they had done in the project for the last fourteen months with the Duke. The Duke of Kent praised the students for their work and encouraged them to keep working on this important project in the future. The Duke felt the contribution of all of our students in this project had made a difference. The Duke then went on a tour of the dockyard before inviting the students to join his party for lunch in the home of Will Palin.

Paul Murray, Head of Community Liaison at Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey says: "The students were a credit to themselves and the wider Academy.  As an Academy we would like to thank Allison Young and Dr Will Butler for their support and encouragement with the project and to Will Palin for his invitation and hospitality today."