Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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Oasis Academy Foundry is “A school which exudes inclusion in all it does”

Oasis Academy Foundry will remain an Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence following a visit from an independent adjudicator, whose report is full of praise for the Academy’s deep commitment to supporting each child and family in their community.

In a letter from Joe McCann, Director of Inclusion Quality Mark, he describes the school as ‘exuding inclusion.’

‘It (the Academy) listens to parents, it cares for children and families and provides exemplary support, not only making a real difference to children’s learning, progress and achievement but also having a positive impact on positive youth and community engagement.’

The visitors also praise the Academy and partner Hub for the lengths they go to, to provide the very best bespoke provision for children and their families.  The provision goes far beyond the classroom, and often includes support related to housing, health, language and nutrition.

The Inclusion Quality Mark team reserved their highest commendation for the staff of Oasis Academy Foundry.

“It is the human resource that makes the greatest impact on children at Oasis Academy Foundry. The care and compassion shown by staff at all levels is exemplary and is supplemented by ongoing improvements such as the current developments in mentoring, restorative justice and informal support.”    

The Inclusion Quality Mark are keen that the Academy makes the most of the inspiring work it does and helps others to replicate it.  At the conclusion of their report they encourage the school to continue work to engage with a European project in provision for refugee communities, to complete a pilot scheme related to emotion literacy for children, and to consider undertaking an analysis of the impact of the established Young Interpreters scheme. 

Principal of Oasis Academy Foundry and twice Inclusion Principal of the Year, Emma Johnson, says, “We are grateful for our friends at Inclusion Quality Mark who visited Oasis Academy Foundry again this summer.”

“Their reports are always full of encouragement and excitement about all that we do for the children and their families for which we are very grateful.”

“Oasis Academy Foundry exists to provide our community with the support and opportunities that they deserve, and we would never do it any other way.”