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Oasis Academy Longmeadow students meet HRH the Earl of Wessex

Local schoolchildren from Oasis Academy Longmeadow in Trowbridge were given a rare and exciting opportunity  to meet HRH The Earl of Wessex this week during a visit to the University of Bath.

HRH The Earl of Wessex, who is the Chancellor for the university, visited the University’s Claverton campus to meet researchers, staff and students from the Department of Psychology and Milner Centre for Evolution.

Children from Oasis Academy Longmeadow were invited to attend the day and took part in an evolution workshop about the origins of life, evolution and fossils. They were also given a tour of the university and the chance to interview student ambassadors.

HRH The Earl of Wessex asked the children what they had been learning about and whether they had enjoyed the

activities. He also asked them which school they went to and whether they thought it was a good school.

A Year 5 student from Oasis Academy Longmeadow said: “Going to the university has inspired me to work even harder to make sure I get there.”

A Year 6 student from Oasis Academy Longmeadow said, “The activities about evolution have inspired me to study science.”

As well as visiting the Milner Centre for Evolution, children took part in a series of science events throughout the week which kicked off with a science show at the school in Trowbridge delivered by University of Bath’s Science Outreach Manager, Dr Andrew Ross.

Dr Andrew Ross talked to the children about solids, liquids and gases and showed them the interesting properties of liquid nitrogen which involved popping balloons, crumbling flowers and freezing bananas.

The live science show ended with Dr Andrew Ross, who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to make 1L of ice cream, making vanilla ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

Team Bath Racing, a team of passionate undergraduate engineering students from the University of Bath, visited the school with the racing car they designed. Children were taught about friction and momentum by the first British team to win a Formula Student event, at FS Czech 2016.

Helen Adams, Principal at Oasis Academy Longmeadow said: “Our students have had a wonderful week full of exceptional learning experiences that have really opened up a world of possibilities to them. Meeting HRH The Earl of Wessex at the University of Bath is something our children will never forget. They were inspired by what they saw and learnt this week. Every child finished the day determined to get to university."

"I’d like to thank the University of Bath for inviting us to the Milner Centre for Evolution and for visiting our school. We’ve had a fantastic week full of excitement here at Oasis Academy Longmeadow.”