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Oasis Academy Marksbury Road is "Outstanding!"

Pupils, parents and staff are celebrating on their return to school in Bedminster today after school inspectors Ofsted revealed that it has been judged as ‘Outstanding’ in every category, the highest award possible.  

Oasis Academy Marksbury Road, opened in September 2015, has got off to the best possible start, becoming only the second ‘Outstanding’ school in inner south Bristol.  

Contained within the glowing assessment from Ofsted, school inspectors highlighted that
•    The principal, ably supported by the academy trust, has developed a very strong culture of high expectations. The school’s motto ‘building and achieving brilliance’ is reflected in all aspects of school life.
•    Pupils achieve very well in reading, writing and mathematics. In all year groups a higher than average proportion of pupils achieve the standards expected for their age. A substantial proportion of pupils exceed them.
•    Children get off to an excellent start to their education in early years. Outstanding teaching ensures that children make rapid progress from their starting points.
•    Disadvantaged pupils and pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities make strong progress from their different starting points.
•    Behaviour in and around school is exemplary. Pupils have very positive attitudes to their learning and enjoy coming to school.

Ofsted note that the Principal Clare Robinson has instilled high expectations of both pupils and staff, determined that every child, regardless of background or starting point, makes excellent progress.  “The school’s motto, ‘building and achieving brilliance’ permeates all aspects of its work.  As a result, pupils thrive, and their achievements are outstanding.”
Inspectors were equally as impressed with the teaching and learning they found in each classroom.  Teachers have formed very strong relationships with their pupils, and always focus on making learning interesting, engaging and fun.  Staff are praised for giving pupils space to explore topics and ideas for themselves, encouraging their individual and group learning.  

The school is credited for creating a safe, happy and warm environment.  The children are encouraged to look after one another and demonstrate high levels of care and friendship, with older pupils organising activities for the youngest in the playground during playtimes.  Inspectors were delighted with the behaviour of the pupils, whose conduct they describe as ‘exemplary’, polite, thoughtful and respectful to both adults and each other. One parent commented that staff at the school ‘put the happiness and well-being of the children at the centre of all they do.’

The result of the Academy’s hard work is that pupils are making great progress.  Ofsted found that Reception children are making exceptionally strong progress from their starting points, Year 1 demonstrate a very high level of phonics knowledge and over half of Year 2 are reading at a standard above that expected for their age. 

Clare Robinson, Principal of Oasis Academy Marksbury Road, says, “We are delighted with this fantastic report from Ofsted.  Three years since opening, we are grateful to all those who have been instrumental in helping us to establish this happy school where the children make such great progress.” 

“A special thanks to our teachers and staff who are such a great team, coming to work each day dedicated to their pupils, supporting each of our children to make great progress.”

“Together with our parents and our academy council, who have been so supportive, we are determined that Oasis Academy Marksbury Road will grow and establish itself as an inspirational school for our local community.”

John Murphy, CEO of Oasis Community Learning, says, “Wherever you go within Oasis Academy Marksbury Road, there are happy and focused children, learning together from teachers who are making school both interesting and fun.” 

“The creation of such an inspiring learning environment is thanks to Clare and her team and they should be immensely proud of this sensational Ofsted report.”