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Oasis Academy Pinewood pupils calling

John Murphy, CEO of Oasis Community Learning, received an important video call this afternoon from some of the pupils of Oasis Academy Pinewood, Romford. 

Following a visit Mr Murphy made to the Academy to meet with Principal of Oasis Academy Pinewood, Ms Elliott, and her staff team, the pupils made the request to interview Oasis’s CEO. 

The children were interested in Mr Murphy’s personal journey - what did he want to be when he was younger, “I loved motorbikes, so I quite liked the idea of being a stunt rider’, and how did you become CEO, “I was a teacher and a principal, just like my father.  Principal, then leader of a couple of schools.”

The pupils agreed with Mr Murphy’s idea of what he might do if he was not CEO – Police Officer.  When asked why they opined – “He has a deep booming voice.”

Most insightful of all was what Mr Murphy would do if he could change just one thing about education?  “I would like us to take another look at private schools.  I think our country’s best schools should be for everyone, regardless of background or starting point.  Communities should be proud of their schools, and know that the children are receiving the best possible start to their education and careers.” 

“It was great to hear from the pupils at Oasis Academy Pinewood today,” says John.  “Their questions were great, and showed a real maturity.”

“We really enjoyed visiting Oasis Pinewood recently; Ms Elliott, the teachers and staff are creating a really inspiring education environment where the children make good progress.”

Pinewood pupils calling CEO John Murphy