Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Academy Warndon celebrate their Global Links in welcoming a visitor from Oasis Zimbabwe’

Oasis Academy Warndon, situated in the heart of Worcester recently welcomed a special visitor from Oasis Zimbabwe.

Lisa Harrison, Skills Training Project Co-Ordinator visited pupils at Oasis Academy Warndon last week. Lisa has worked for Oasis Zimbabwe for the past eight years and children enjoyed learning about Zimbabwe life.

During her exciting visit to the Academy, Lisa shared the differences in climate, culture, living and food – the pupils were fascinated by the notion of eating caterpillars, and the work that takes place in Zimbabwe.

Oasis Global is part of the Oasis Charitable Trust, their mission is to build inclusive communities all over the world and to work with group of people currently excluded from community. All of the work Oasis Global does is driven by a powerful ethos of inclusion and they are committed to transformation of communities and formation of character.

Oasis Zimbabwe seeks to give impoverished children the best start in education they can, through establishing pre-schools in partnership with local churches in the high-density suburbs of Harare.

During lunchtime, Lisa spent time on the playground – teaching children some traditional Zimbabwean children’s games to make further links and share some cultural similarities and differences. This is part of Oasis Community Learning’s Equality focus as Oasis Academy Warndon’s objectives include promoting cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experiences.

Emily Hobson, Principal of Oasis Academy Warndon, explained; “Having the links to Oasis Global Partners makes the experiences far less abstract than learning about another school on another continent. It enable children to celebrate diversity, broaden their cultural experiences and explore potential career choices for their futures through discovering more about the organisation of which we are all part of. The children know that the Oasis messy ‘O’ logo means everyone is included as the children in the pre-school in Zimbabwe are also part of us.”

Prior to Lisa’s visit to the Academy, pupils had begun to investigate the country of Zimbabwe and the work Oasis Global support there. Pupils had decided to hold a fundraising event to help support the important projects that Oasis does in Zimbabwe. The children ran an ‘own clothes day’ and raised just over an amazing £245.00 which the Principal Prefects, Leona McDonald and Leo Yates, were proud to present to Lisa with during her tour of the Academy.

Leona McDonald, Principal Prefect at Oasis Academy Warndon, said; “It was brilliant to show Lisa around the academy and see the changes since her previous visit five years ago. We are really proud to be part of a global organisation.”

It doesn’t end there for the pupils at Oasis Academy Warndon, throughout the Summer term, they will continue to focus on the global work of the Oasis Charity with each year group focusing on a different area of the world in which Oasis works in, including; Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Detroit, Belgium, and India.

The rich, and bespoke curriculum has been planned by the children and staff in the Academy to develop a deep understanding of ‘who we are’, and our place in the world as global citizens and to think about where they are going next in inspiring future goals.