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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis and ITEC work together to build IT classroom in Uganda

ITEC and Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Oasis Uganda are working together to build an IT container classroom at the Oasis Academy located in Musoto Village, Mbale District; one of the poorest communities in Eastern Uganda.

We will be setting up a fully furnished IT classroom with PCs, monitors, a server, projector, accessories like keyboards and mice and a good broadband connection. The technology will be made available to the 150 children being educated at the Oasis Academy in Musoto.

Many of the children and adults in Musoto have never actively used technology before, which is why this project marks a major milestone for the village.

“We approached ITEC because they have supported our academies in the UK and continue to be a valued partner," said Alvin Muhwezi, Country Director for Oasis Uganda Charitable Trust. "They understand the challenges we face in running academies like the one in Mbale – having only recently been connected to the national grid – and have worked hard to find solutions fit for the children and the wider community.

"In the future we are hoping to expand the IT programme to encourage adults from the village to learn new digital skills for personal development and possible future employment.”

Oasis Uganda was created in 2001 in Kampala to prevent vulnerable girls from slums ending up on the streets and being exploited. Their focus has since expanded to include building thriving societies through health, education and IT training.

William Edibu, who currently works as an IT Support volunteer for Oasis Uganda, is to be employed by ITEC as IT Manager responsible for overseeing the new IT classroom project. He completed an IT training programme with Oasis in 2005, under the Net2work project which was designed to help youths develop new skills in the community. Upon completion of that course, he joined Oasis as a volunteer and has over the years supported Oasis and the Academy to build an effective IT system.