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Oasis IT Services complete a successful project at Oasis Academy Pinewood

The Oasis IT Directorate National Improvement Network (NIN) has supported a successful project at Oasis Academy Pinewood, where a group of students from years 2-6 recently applied to become Digital Leaders. They enjoy using technology and see themselves as having leadership capacity in this area of their learning. The successful applicants will be given different levels of engagement and responsibility according to how well they embrace the logging task first assigned to them. The initial task will prepare them for the process of designing the rest of the Digital Leaders program at Pinewood.

Erin Clements, teacher at OA Pinewood, is running this project, initially as an after-school club. Students will show how well they can use and support learners with a range of learning technologies. This project came about because the Academy wanted to promote a higher degree of engaged use of learning technologies by staff and students. In addition, they wanted to empower students to support their peers with E-Safety issues and to provide resources made by the students for everyone in the Academy to use.

The main outcome will be evidence of how, where, when and why computing skills have become further integrated within learning and the wider curriculum, as teachers begin to recognise the opportunities and students develop the skills to respond.

Coming Soon

The support programme, as designed by the Digital Leaders and monitored and supported by Erin, will move from a situation where all students did not have access to the Office365 environment - to how well they can manage the use of OneDrive / OneNote etc. for collaborative tasks and personal development.

To capture improved confidence and acknowledge their skills, students will complete a baseline survey in Microsoft Forms and will then devise their own methodology for the best way to demonstrate their improvements, wider knowledge and skills.

News Updates

Throughout the year Erin will be reporting to the NIN Group about progress and the students will publish their own version of the strands from the OCL Outstanding Digital Learner Framework. Students will gain accreditation as Digital Leaders and will establish support sessions for both staff and students throughout the academic year.

The processes and timeline used in developing the Digital Leaders Group will form a series of ‘How to’ resources for other Academies to make use of and adopt and adapt to their own requirements.