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Oasis Mozambique Country Leader visits Oasis academies and inspires students

During October and November, students and staff at a number of Oasis Academies in Manchester and Bradford were visited by Oasis Mozambique Country Leader, Armando Licoze. Oasis Academy Aspinal, Oasis Academy Harpur Mount, Oasis Academy Lister Park, and Oasis Academy MediaCityUK took part in assemblies and lessons on a number of topics including, the Oasis 9 Habits and living in Mozambique.

Oasis Mozambique is one of nine countries Oasis works in, all sharing a vision for community where everyone is included. Oasis are working to support and empower people to thrive. In all that they do, they seek to bring inclusion, opportunity and transformation so that everyone is able to make a contribution and reach their God-given potential.

Commenting on his visit, Oasis Mozambique Country Leader, Armando Licoze, said; “It was a great privilege to meet the students and staff during my visit and share about the work in Mozambique as well as learning from the students and teachers. The visit highlighted the mutual relationship and accountability that we have developed along the years, the way the students asked about the work we did in the past demonstrated a clear sense of oneness.”

During a visit to Oasis Academy Lister Park, Armando took a Year 8 assembly talking about our November Oasis Habit ‘Hopeful’, what it looks like and what we can do for our friends, family and self. Armando then took part in a Year 8 RE lesson, and was given a tour of the Academy.

Michelle Briers, Head of Global Partnerships and Global Learning at Oasis UK, commented saying; “It always excites me to arrange these visits for our Academies because I know how inspiring and often life changing it is to learn about Oasis’ work around the world from the people that are making it happen. Armando is an incredibly humble man, every time I hear him speak I am challenged to live my life with even more compassion for others, with a generous heart and with a hope that my actions can help change our world for the better.”

On the 31st October, Armando visited Oasis Academy Aspinal, where he spent the morning with the Early Years pupils and led an assembly on hope, linked to Mozambique. During the pupil feedback session lined to the Oasis 9 Habits, one pupil said ‘It’s important to help others who need it, even if it’s just a bit here and there…I know our Lego Club helps raise money for Mozambique, I’m glad we can help.’

Sue Hardy, Assistant Principal at Oasis Academy Aspinal said, “Armando’s assemblies were a great opportunity for children to ask questions and receive prompt first hand answers. They learned lots more about Mozambique both in terms of geography and how people live. Some of our children recognised Armando from his previous visit and showed a genuine pleasure in seeing him again. It helped secure the idea that our relationship with Mozambique is continuous, and not a one-off initiative. A number of parents asked about him later as their children had spoken with excitement about our guest.”

At Oasis Academy Harper Mount, Armando taught the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils some Mozambique songs and rhymes which they loved.

A pupil at Oasis Academy Harper Mount commented on Armando’s visit saying; “We enjoyed talking to Armando and interviewing him. We also enjoyed taking him on a tour of our school.” Another pupil said, “I learnt that hope can change people’s lives and change people’s feelings and opportunities.”

Armando’s final Academy visit was at Oasis Academy MediaCityUK, where he met with multiple staff members and families with Hub leader, Adam Webster to observe the ‘Playspace’ initiative and discuss some of the amazing work going on in the Academy. Armando also observed a Year 8 RE lesson, and a Year 10 Geography lesson.

Jason Harris, Teacher at Oasis Academy MediaCityUK said, “It has made me and the students who have met Armando more focused in terms of what Oasis is trying to do globally and has started creative juices flowing about ways we can help at MediaCityUK.”