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Oasis primary attainment jumps 18% in just two years

The Department for Education have released this year’s key stage 2 results in reading, writing and maths, with excellent results for Oasis Community Learning (Oasis) academies around the country.

Interim results show that 64% of Oasis pupils will achieve the government’s ‘expected standard’ in reading, writing and maths, which is directly in line with the national average for the first time in Oasis’s short history.

Today’s results reflect excellent progress for the Trust, up 18% points in just two years.  Oasis pupils’ attainment is above the national average for maths, in line for writing and improving in reading, climbing from 66% to 71%. 

Pupil progress at the Early Years Foundation Stage and in the Phonics test is also in line with the national average.

Oasis’s focus on the the progress of every child, regardless of background or starting point, is being rewarded across the country.  The attainment of disadvantaged pupils at Oasis academies have seen a big rise this year, climbing from 54% achieving the expected standard to 60%, closing the gap with their classmates.     

Almost three quarters of Oasis primary schools saw rises for these pupils; 63% of disadvantaged pupils at Oasis Academy Broadoak in Manchester made the grade, a rise of 42% points in a year, and at Long Cross in Bristol there was a rise of 39% points to 70%.

There was no attainment gap at all between disadvantaged pupils and their classmates at Oasis Academy Boulton, Broadoak, Byron, Don Valley, Foundry, Harpur Mount, Long Cross or New Oak.

Boys’ attainment in Oasis is improving.  62% achieved the standard, up from 54% last year.  Oasis now has just a 4% gender gap in attainment.

There are superb results from all around the country.

In the Midlands, attainment at Worcester’s Oasis Academy Wardon is improving rapidly.  75% of pupils achieved the benchmark in reading, writing and maths this year, up from 61% in 2017, and 45% in 2016.  In Birmingham, 82% of Oasis Academy Hobmoor’s pupils, more than double the proportion in 2016.  Likewise at Blakenhale Junior’s 64% of pupils reached standard, double the 32% two years ago.

Oasis Academy Long Cross in Bristol saw results rocket from 40% in 2016 and 2017, to 70% of pupils this year, with no disadvantage attainment gap.  Oasis Academy Longmeadow in Trowbridge made rapid improvements this year, climbing from 27% of pupils last year to 47% this year.

New joiners to the Oasis family in the North, Oasis Academy Broadoak have had a terrific year, climbing from 35% of pupils achieving the standard in 2017 to 63% this year, with no attainment gap for disadvantaged pupils.  In Grimsby 56% of Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe pupils did the same, a school on an upward trajectory from 34% in 2016 and 39% in 2017.

London and South East’s Oasis Academy Byron again had exceptional results, as 90% of pupils reached the target – the Academy also had no disadvantage attainment gap.  Pupils at Shirley Park continued their school’s excellent record – 88% of pupils this year, up from 66% in 2016.

Commenting on the results, CEO of Oasis Community Learning John Murphy says, “These results demonstrate the hard work and commitment of all of our staff across our primaries – principals, teachers and support staff all contributed to the results our children have achieved.  Oasis is grateful to every one of them.”

“This is an important moment for Oasis as our group average matches the national average for the first time.  Thanks to the vision of Oasis and our dedicated staff, we are providing our communities with the good schools that they deserve and, in many cases, have been sadly lacking for years if not decades.”

“We are particularly proud of the progress of our disadvantaged pupils; we will provide every child with the opportunities they need to raise their aspirations, to excel and to flourish.”

“There is always more work to do, but in each of our academies we have laid the foundations for future success.”