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Primary Oasis Academies across the country excel in latest DfE Performance Tables

The Department for Education is publishing Primary school leagues tables this week, and Oasis Academies excel as some of the best performing in their communities across the country.

In Birmingham, Oasis Academy Blakenhale’s progress levels are the second best out of the city’s 357 schools for reading, third for maths, and fourth for writing; a sensational achievement. Oasis Academy Foundry’s progress level for writing is +6.5 score with similarly impressive scores in reading (+3.3) and maths (+5.3). Oasis Academy Short Heath’s progress levels follow closely behind Blakenhale and Foundry with ‘above’ or ‘well above’ national average scores.

In Sheffield, Oasis Academy Fir Vale is the best in the area for writing with an impressive progress score of +6.9, and is in the top ten for maths with a positive progress score of +3.6.

In Croydon, Oasis Academy Byron, rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted is the third best achieving school in the area, with 90% of pupils meeting expected standard and progress scores being either ‘above’ or ‘well above’ national average in reading, writing and maths. Oasis Academy Shirley Park has the fourth best attainment in Croydon with 88% of pupils meeting expected standard. Furthermore with pupil progress scores over +3.0, all progress scores are ‘well above’ average in reading, writing, and maths. On average, pupils at Oasis Academy Ryelands made over two years additional progress in writing and reading, and three years in maths.

In Oldham, Oasis Academy Limeside is again ranked in the top 10 for schools in the town, as 82% of pupils reached the expected standard. There were superb rates of progress in maths especially as pupils made over 3 years of additional progress from their starting points.

In Scunthorpe, Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue pupils made above average progress in both writing and mathematics, and 66% of pupils reached the expected standard. At the neighbouring Oasis Academy Parkwood pupils made exceptional progress in writing, where the children achieved four years of additional progress during their time in Key Stage 2.

In Bristol, Oasis Academy Long Cross and Connaught are in the top ten schools in Bristol for writing with progress scores of +3.7 and +3.6, with Oasis Academy Bank Leaze close behind with +2.6, which means these academies are either ‘above’ or ‘well above’ national average in progress.

Oasis Community Learning (OCL) has 31 primary academies across four regions in England serving 11,000 pupils aged 3-11. As a multi-academy trust (MAT), OCL’s progress scores are +0.9 in reading, +1.9 in writing, and +1.7 in mathematics.

The Oasis Community Learning MAT has moved thirty-eight schools from failing status to ‘Good’ or better.

John Murphy, CEO of Oasis Community Learning, commented on the league tables saying; ”I am extremely proud of our primary school colleagues across the country on achieving some exceptional results, supporting all of our children to make the progress that they so deserve, regardless of background or starting point. We believe in them and their amazing potential.”

“Oasis’s children make exceptional progress because we prioritise developing their character first, fostering their self-belief and encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves.” 

“As we have publicly committed to in our Education Charter, we want to empower our students so that they can follow any path they chose, with a life-long passion for learning.  These results show that our young pupils are embracing the opportunities open to them to make great progress.”

“Compared to other multi-academy trusts, Oasis Community Learning’s pupil progress in reading is in the top 25%, and the top third for writing and maths. Our teachers should be very proud of these results that show that they are providing exceptional education that enables every young person to succeed.”