Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reduce reuse recycle as Oasis Academy Fir Vale holds week of events

An environmentally-conscious school in Sheffield are holding a week of events for pupils, staff and parents to raise awareness of recycling, picking up litter and working with the local council and litter removal company in Sheffield.

Oasis Academy Fir Vale, situated in the heart of Sheffield held a week of events aimed at recycling, and litter awareness for pupils, staff, and parents.

The events are taking place between 26th April and 3rd May 2019 in co-operation with the Sheffield Community Investment Deal and Amey, a company responsible for removing waste in Sheffield.

The Sheffield Community Investment Deal (SCID) is funded by the government using money embarked by the Department for Communities and Local Government directed at achieving benefits for established residential communities. Spread out over two years, the project received £835,000 which will be spent in four key areas;

  • Street Wardens (Enforcement & Education)
  • Neighbourhood Co-Ordination
  • Community Development (Problem Solving)
  • Cohesion in Action (A more formal and organised welcome)

The project is targeted in at neighbourhoods with the most acute impact on the provision of local services, including; Fir Vale, Firth Park, Pitsmoor, Page Hall, Grimesthorpe, Darnall and Tinsley.

Oasis Academy Fir Vale is striving the way in supporting this by holding the following events over the course of a week;

  • Providing information about the benefits of recycling, bin collection calendars and what the different coloured bins mean.
  • Educating pupils and families about the impact of litter.
  • Doing a litter pick around the local area, liaising with Amey.
  • Pupil producing work about litter / recycling and using recyclable materials.
  • Holding an assembly with families and sharing the work pupils have recently learnt.
  • Create an in house display board that will inform weekly what bin day will be prior to local collections on Fridays.

During the litter pick event, Oasis Academy Fir Vale will be working closely with Amey who work with more than 15 local authorities to help keep towns and cities running smoothly, including Birmingham, Sheffield and Staffordshire. Amey also partner with clients including; Highways England, BAA, United Utilities, Network Rail, Ministry of Defence (MOD), Metropolitan Transport Authority in New York as well as Australia’s Roads and Maritime Services.