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Team GB high jumper visits Oasis Academy Brislington

On Tuesday 15th January students at Oasis Academy Brislington took part in a fun circuits challenge with Robert Mitchell, the current Welsh record holder in high jump at 2m and 25cm.

The 11 year straight Welsh High Jump Champion gave an inspirational talk to Year 7 and Year 8 students about determination and hard work. He spoke about putting effort into everything you do and the importance of being active.

Children were captivated by the athlete’s stories of sitting next to Jessica Ennis-Hill in tournaments and hearing about the countries he’d visited whilst competing.

Over 300 students were challenged to do as many star jumps, spotty dogs, sit-ups and press-ups as they could in 1 min intervals.

Evie Flower, Year 8 student, said: “I got to 80 star jumps! I really enjoyed the circuits. My favourite exercise was the spotty dogs. I learnt that it’s important to keep fit and healthy.”

Finnley Rowland, Year 8 student, said: “It’s been fun learning new exercises and meeting an athlete. I play rugby and really enjoy sports.”

Robert Mitchell, said: “Students at Oasis Academy Brislington have given everything today and it’s been great seeing them enjoying exercise and living in the moment. There’s a lot of distraction in modern day life and my message to young people is to work hard, stay focused and keep active.”

Mr Scullion, PE Teacher at Oasis Academy Brislington, said: “It’s important for our children to learn that exercise is vital for both physical and mental well-being. There tends to be a drop-off in physical activity once children leave school and events like this help highlight the importance of being active. The children loved meeting Robert and he has really shown them what can be achieved through hard work and effort.”