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Top marks as Oasis Academy Skinner Street receive award for Green Travel

For a local primary school situated in the heart of Medway, it’s time to celebrate as they received the eco-friendly news that they had become a ‘Green Travel Mark’ winner in the Gold category.

Oasis Academy Skinner Street, and Ofsted rated ‘Good’ in all areas school has received recognition for the work they have been doing to gain the ‘Green Travel Mark’.

A number of school across the country received the official stamp of approval for encouraging pupils and their families to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle.

The Academy is part of the Walk on Wednesday scheme (WOW), where each Wednesday the Academy’s WOW monitors collect data on Green Travel, which is then counted and submitted. As a result of their participation they received the ‘Green Travel Mark’.

Clare McLeod, Teacher at Oasis Academy Skinner Street, commented on the award, saying; “Our children are very keen in taking part in the Walk on Wednesday, each Monday the two classes with the highest green travel methods are awarded our wooden plaques which they are so excited about. They were very proud to receive the Green Travel award.”

It doesn’t stop there for pupils and staff at the Academy, they also have an eco-squad which are involved with litter picking within the school and were originally involved in setting up a pollution monitoring system which they won an award for.

Pupils originally faced a few issues with monitoring and returning their pollution data but they are looking to the future and are going to be trying another way, by doing something called an ‘idling’ mini project where pupils look at motorists who leave their engines running near the school unnecessarily.

The Academy received the award days before the UK approved a move to toughen targets on fossil fuel pollution, setting a goal of reaching a level of net zero by 2050.

The House of Commons agreed without a vote Monday 17th June to amend the existing law. If the upper House of Lords agrees to do the same on Wednesday 26th June, Britain will become the first major economy to pass a law requiring it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the point where it makes no net contribution to rising global temperatures.