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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

“We want to inspire and challenge our pupils so that they achieve their best”

The vision of an academy’s new Interim Principal is clear as they join the senior leadership team at a Gillingham primary school.

“We are working together at the Academy to create a great teaching and learning environment, where children and staff are happy and proud of what they are achieving together,” says Oasis Academy Skinner Street’s Interim Principal Victoria Richmond.

“We have high aspirations for our young people, and will accept no limits to what they can achieve. That’s why our new academy motto is Inspire, Challenge, Achieve – we want the children to come to school excited about the day ahead, for them to be challenged, and then for them to achieve.”

Ms Richmond has joined the senior leadership team at Oasis Academy Skinner Street this September, working with experience Executive Principal Clare Wingrave.

Ms Richmond’s career path is not typical of many teachers. Her early career was supporting young offenders, before working alongside soldiers to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.

“My experience before becoming a teacher was working alongside lots of young people who did not necessarily have the best time at school, which often also led to low self-esteem,” she explains. “That’s part of what I love about working in education now – as a team we have the opportunity to make school engaging for the next generation, and support them to make great progress so that eventually they will leave education with the qualifications they deserve and enthusiasm for the opportunities ahead.”

Commenting on Ms Richmond’s appointment, Oasis Academy Skinner Street Executive Principal Clare Wingrave says: “We are very fortunate to have Ms Richmond join the senior leadership team at the Academy. Her enthusiasm and drive is already having a really positive impact across the whole school, and as such our pupils have had a great start to the new term.”

“Thanks to the hard work of our teachers and staff team, and with Ms Richmond’s leadership, the Academy is in a great place moving forward, focused on providing excellent teaching and learning, and providing exciting opportunities for the pupils.”