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Year 2 Oasis Academy Putney Students are Helping to Protect the Environment

Children from Year 2 at the Oasis Academy primary school at Putney Common (the oldest of them has just turned seven) are starting young when it comes to protecting the environment.

As a special project with their teacher they sent a questionnaire to their parents about how to improve Putney High Street and Putney Embankment, then they put in their own ideas and sent the results in their own handwritten letters to Thamesfield councillor Mike Ryder, whose ward includes the high street.

Cllr Mike Ryder, commented saying:

"I was so impressed…and very honoured they chose me to write to! They have all the right ideas…more trees or other greenery in the high street to cut air pollution, along with more cycle lanes, plus more use of river transport and making Putney Embankment look more attractive with artwork and art exhibitions. I think our future is in good hands when children this young show how much they care about the world we live in."

Di Morgan, Executive Principal of Oasis Academy Putney commented:

"One of our aims at Oasis Academy Putney is to inspire children to take care of their local environment. This activity was part of our Street Detective topic in Year 2, the class were thrilled that Cllr Mike Ryder answered their letters. The activity also taught them about the power of writing whilst furthering their understanding of the democratic process."