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Selling your school: The Education Marketing Taboo

When speaking to educationalists, it comes as no surprise that their focus is, wait for it, education. Marketing isn’t always on their minds. Surely good teaching and strong results are enough to get parents through the doors? Not anymore. Prospective families have a checklist of requirements for their school of choice, wanting the very best for their children. So how do you stand out in the education marketplace? We are sharing with you our top tips to be on top of when it comes to marketing your school.

Have you considered family dining?

Improving the dining experience for students has been found to not only increase the uptake of school meals, but also to improve wellbeing and learning throughout the day. Many of our academies encourage an inclusive and equal dining experience at lunchtimes.

Have you considered family dining?

Beat those exams this year: Top tips for revision

With exam season on the horizon we wanted to catch up with our National Lead Practitioners, experts in their subject fields, to find out what they believe the best revision tips and tricks. We want each and every one of our young people to walk into the examination room feeling confident that they have done everything they needed to be prepared. Here are our top tips for revision.

Connecting students through charity: the benefits of charitable education

For 2018, Sports Relief’s tagline encourages people to do ‘Whatever Moves You’ to raise money for good causes in the UK and around the world, and as ever our young people have been doing just that. We discuss the values of teaching young people about charity involvement.