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Community truly is at heart of our family

It's no secret that community is at the heart of everything we do here at Oasis Community Learning. In fact it is such a large part of life within our academies that pupils even get involved with community transformation over the summer holidays! We are delighted to share with you Billy-Neal's story at Oasis Academy Warndon

Getting back to school: what you can do to help your child get ready

Whilst as parents, some of us might be thankful or even give a quiet sigh for September coming back around again, we are also faced with the challenge of getting our children back in that mindset for the return of the school year. Whether your child is starting a new school, or going back to their current one, we are sharing with you our top tips on what you can be doing to help get your child ready for September. 

Making the move - Why I am becoming a Teacher

This September there will be a brand new cohort of trainee Teachers eager to learn and make a difference in their classrooms. We're no exception here at OCL, as we say goodbye to a couple of our national office staff and wish them luck on their journey into becoming professional educators. 

We wanted to take the time to catch up with one of our soon-to-be Teachers, Natalie Millard, and find out just what it is that has drawn her into the profession, and why now?

Summer Reading 2018

The sun is shining, and the UK is having a beautiful (albeit very hot) summer this year. So why not find a shaded spot in a park, or curl up by the windows or in the garden with a good book?

We have compiled a list of great summer reads for 2018.