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Is this presumed knowledge which I see before me?

Consistency in teaching and curriculum throughout secondary ensures that students’ earlier learning supports their later achievement, Josie Stacks argues. She explains how emphasising key concepts in English can aid comprehension of complex texts, from Macbeth to The Communist Manifesto

Where are our BAME leaders in education?

In this blog piece written by Ben Payne, Oasis Foundation, we look at the gap in BAME leaders within education,and what we can do to Break the Cycle. 

Food & Nutrition Tips & Tricks for the Busy Teacher

You spend a lot of time taking care of your students, but you don’t have time to spend taking care of yourself. Sound familiar? With the new year, we want to encourage our family and teachers across the country to prioritise health – even if you have very little time! By introducing, or reinforcing, a few routine practices and a little planning ahead can help you give your body the food it needs, so you can fuel yourself through the school year.