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The Circle (OCL Blog)

Getting to grips with the new school year

Starting a new school, or even going into the next year of school can be a very difficult process for children and teenagers. At Oasis we try our best to create a challenging yet nurturing environment for our learners, but there are some easy ways to support your children at home that will help with those settling-in nerves.

Managing those results day nerves

Are you expecting results this summer? In this helpful article we lay out why you might feel stressed, how that effects you and ways you can manage it well. 

Creating a culture of shared learning: benefits of the classroom community

Throughout our academies, our young people are taught about their local communities connected with our Hubs, and their global communities both in and out of Oasis. But what if we think closer to home; to where our young people spend their time during the week. Let’s talk classroom community.

Getting on the right page with reading

Every child deserves the chance to learn to read and to develop a love for reading. So what can we do to close the gap on reading and help every child reach expected standards?

What does 'community' mean at Oasis Academy Shirley Park: A student blog

This week we have had some students spend some time in the OCL national office, learning about the world of work. But it is also important for us to understand their experiences of school, as well as preparing them for life outside of education. We asked them to write a blog piece that is reflective of their experience of life at their academy. Here is what Ayesha Reid, wrote.