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The Leesbrook Passport to Cultural Enrichment: An OA Leesbrook Blog

Every single one of us is unique. We know that every one of our young people joining Oasis Academy Leesbrook will have different life experiences, different aspirations, different backgrounds and different requirements. Here's how Leesbrook hopes to help everyone of our students on their journeys through cultural enrichment. 

New Year, New Goals: An OA Leesbrook Blog

We are delighted to introduce the first article in the Oasis Academy Leesbrook blog! With updates on the Academy, vision and thought-leading pieces we hope you keep up with all the excitement happening throughout the year.

Like me: Supporting our children in a digital world

The use of social media and the dangers of cyber safety for young people is not a new topic, yet it is an issue that is consistently raising its head. We discuss what can be done to support our young people entering and living in a digital society.