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Beat those exams this year: Top tips for revision

With exam season on the horizon we wanted to catch up with our National Lead Practitioners, experts in their subject fields, to find out what they believe the best revision tips and tricks. We want each and every one of our young people to walk into the examination room feeling confident that they have done everything they needed to be prepared. Here are our top tips for revision.

Connecting students through charity: the benefits of charitable education

For 2018, Sports Relief’s tagline encourages people to do ‘Whatever Moves You’ to raise money for good causes in the UK and around the world, and as ever our young people have been doing just that. We discuss the values of teaching young people about charity involvement.

Ask not what you can do for Hub but what Hub can do for you

The old African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ recognises the need for community involvement in the development of its young people. One might say a ‘family’ of people. At Oasis, we believe wholly that young people not only need, but deserve to have, a wide network, a family of peers, parents and role models, in order to thrive and flourish. 

Celebrating World Book Day

This week is an exciting week for book lovers as we celebrate World Book Day. On March 1st young people will be coming together to celebrate reading through discussing books, sharing their favourite stories and coming to school dressed as their favourite characters. In honour of this day, we have been asking our National Office staff what books they loved as children and what was it that made them so special.