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Connecting students through charity: the benefits of charitable education

For 2018, Sports Relief’s tagline encourages people to do ‘Whatever Moves You’ to raise money for good causes in the UK and around the world, and as ever our young people have been doing just that. In the north, Oasis Academy Immingham have been showing their athletic ability by taking on agility challenges in their year groups, whilst Oasis Academy John Williams in Bristol got together a team of superstar rowers! Oasis students never shy away from a challenge, especially when fundraising for those in need.

A great benefit of our academies being part of the Oasis movement is that they can form close links with an Oasis community project in one of eleven countries around the world; we call these Oasis Global Partnerships. Throughout the year our staff, students and communities get together to help fundraise for their partners and if they are lucky, may even get a chance to go and visit. We prioritise exposing our young people to the experiences and lives of others, and to the importance of charitable giving all year round.

Why is it important for us to have these partnerships and to talk about altruism and charity in the classroom? One of primary reasons for doing so is that it helps to broaden our students’ horizons, introducing them to different perspectives and developing their understanding. We value offering our young people the chance to learn about other communities and connect with them. Connected as one family, and connected as fellow humans. We are encouraging an awareness of the world in an active and engaging way.

Teaching about being altruistic also helps our students to realise more about themselves. Through offering them the opportunity to become involved in charitable drives, such as Sport Relief, then we are letting them find out what matters to them. How do they feel when they help others, is it important to them?  Do they care about some causes more than others? Quite often, our young people learn that they are engaging in charitable acts more than they realise – especially when tied in with our Oasis 9 Habits.

Through encouraging the value of charitable giving, whether that is through giving time and effort or financial donation, we are creating a generation of young people attuned to the needs of others and with a sense of empathy. We are instilling a drive in them to support others, whilst helping them learn valuable life lessons such as time management and the value of money. We are helping develop the leaders of tomorrow. By involving them in charity work throughout these formative years of learning and growth, our young people are more likely to develop life-long love for altruism.

As we draw towards the end of this Sport Relief week, we say to our young people - keep rowing, keep running, keep baking and keep persevering; you are all fantastic.