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Say no more to boredom: festive activities for the family this winter


With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, we are certain there are thousands of excited children (and parents!) out there, not only for the celebrated holiday but for the time off from school and work. Whether you will be getting the family together for celebrations on the 25th or not, we have some top tips for activities you could be doing over the holiday period.


1. Indoor treasure hunt

Why not occupy your children this winter with an indoor treasure hunt! Whether you are using chocolate coins, Christmas decorations or even little trinkets it is a great way to spend the afternoon. Why not write little clues with each treasure to help your children find the next pot of gold! If you are feeling really creative you could draw them a map to tick off where they have discovered the treasure.

2. Play board games

Board games are a fantastic family friendly way to pass the time. With so many now in the market, both new and classics, why not pick up a game from your local shop, or dig one out of the cupboard to help bring the family together and maybe even create some friendly competition. Board games can be a great way for children to learn about rules, strategy and even teamwork.

3. Bring the cinema home to you!

The cinema is an exciting and stimulating experience, but if you go regularly it can create a hole in your pocket. Why not bring the cinema home to you! You could create a full cinema experience by having a box office with listings up of the films available to you (you could even administer paper tickets to your children), make some homemade popcorn, and snuggle up with the lights low to watch a movie together. We know a few festive films that might get you in the spirits!

4. Family baking

Christmas cakes, gingerbread houses, or fruit breads – why not try your hand at baking together! There are lots of tasty holiday recipes available online for free, both simple or more complex depending on your experience. Baking as a family is a great way to make memories and learn new skills. Everyone can contribute to the measuring and stirring of ingredients, and it is certainly fun to have a go at icing and decorating cakes and cookies! Here are some simple child friendly recipes.

5. Family portrait painting

A creative way to pass the time can be to get arty. One suggestion we would like to share is doing a family portrait painting session. Festive themed or not, get the paints out and nominate one person in the family for each of your members to paint. That way you end of spending quality time together, really bonding as a team to create fun and funky family portraits – perfect for the fridge or wall.

6. Make a home movie

Challenge your children this winter to make a themed film. You can even film it on your phone if you don’t have a camera or camcorder! Topics could be festive or you could challenge them to make a music video. You’d be surprised how creative and engaging this can be for your kids – why not get involved yourself too?  

7. Create decorations

In the lead up to Christmas, or even afterwards, you could encourage your young ones to make some homemade Christmas decorations, or winter ornaments. Why not use salt dough, or paper mache? The decorations could then come out each year as a reminder of the fun you had creating them together.