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Summer Reading 2018

The sun is shining, and the UK is having a beautiful (albeit very hot) summer this year. So why not find a shaded spot in a park, or curl up by the windows or in the garden with a good book?

We have compiled a list of great summer reads for 2018.

Age 0-3

Who? A Celebration of Babies

Author: Robie H Harris
Illustrator: Natascha Rosenberg

This book explores a baby's relationship with those they love the most and the things they hold dear. The rhythmic repetitive writing style calms, soothes and captivates children, encapsulating them into the imagery and sounds of the story.




Age 3+

I Really Want That Unicorn

Author: Fabi Santiago

This delightfully funny children's book focuses on Chloe the crocodile who is preparing for a special talent show where the winner receives a Big Sparkly Mellow Yellow Unicorn. Of course, Chloe wants nothing more than this unicorn, and to get it she must be the best at a number of things, including baking the best unicorn rainbow cake. She's confident that the unicorn will belong to her, until she meets Veronica...

This is a heartwarming story of how friendships develop and can become more important than winning.



Age 5+

Bad Nana: Older not Wiser

Author: Sophy Henn

Jeanie's Nana is not like her other grandmothers, she is a 'Bad Nana'. Dressing mostly in black, with the exception of a sparkly pink turban, she makes inappropriate noises and causes trouble at local dances. How will she behave when jeanie takes her on her class trip to the most boring local museum?

This book is a great read about an eccentric grandmother her her adventures with her granddaughter. You'll be guaranteed to laugh, and feel connected to these characters as they touch on topic such as friendship, bullying, nervousness and having a good time. 




Age 8+

The Storm Keeper's Island

Author: Catherine Doyle 

Our young hero, Fionn is sent away to stay with his reclusive grandfather on the famously wild Arranmore Island. Here he enters a world run by the forces of magic. Forced to make sense of this new world, and to overcome his fear of water, our main character starts to realise that his grandfather's magic is fading, and that there is a new destiny to embrace. 

Get swept up in this magical tale of wind and sea, as the adventure and mystery unfolds. 





Teen/Young Adult

Never World Wake 

Author: Marisha Pessl

This is a dark tale of life or death decision making as five friends enter the Neverworld Wake. Following a night out after a reunion, five elite, beautiful friends narrowly avoid an accident with another car on a lonely road. Back home safe and sound, the friends get an unexpected visitor knock on the door as the storm rages outside. Our characters must make a choice, as the mysterious man announces one of them will live, and only one of them, but the decision must be unanimous. 

This story will take you through time, bring to light the memories of the characters as they must make a decision or find a way to escape the Neverworld.