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What does 'community' mean at Oasis Academy Shirley Park: A student blog

This week we have had some students spend some time in the OCL national office, learning about the world of work. But it is also important for us to understand their experiences of school, as well as preparing them for life outside of education. 

We asked them to write a blog piece that is reflective of their experience of life at their academy. Here is what Ayesha Reid, wrote. 


What does ‘community’ mean at OASP?



1 A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

2 The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

Oasis Academy Shirley Park shares a sense of community that seems almost impossible in the world we live in today. Students, teachers, catering staff, caretakers - everyone is included. But I find myself asking: what does community mean to us personally at Oasis?

Every day, students go to school with each other. They say ‘hi’ in the corridors, learn together and grow together. The whole idea of togetherness is in unity with the fundamental Oasis belief of inclusion. To build a great community, what do we need? Everyone to be included. We value every single person that goes to our school, no matter how they are contributing.

Although we are all different, we all have a certain attitude in common. We all have the same goal: to be happy and make other people happy.

There are so many opportunities we have to do this, and sometimes we don’t even realise them. We need to realise these, and do our best to act them out. If we really want to build a strong and successful community, kindness is key.

Our academy offers many opportunities outside of school times. Holiday clubs, gardening, dance clubs, football and a lot more. The people involved in these share their successes with everyone in the school, lifting the mood and atmosphere of the whole community. Together.

So, in the end, what does community really mean to us personally at Oasis Academy Shirley Park? It means people, together and included.