Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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The Oasis Education Charter


Our Ethos is rooted in what we believe and who we are.

  • We have a passion to include everyone
  • We have a desire to treat everyone equally, respecting all differences
  • We have a commitment to healthy and open relationships
  • We have a deep sense of hope that things can change and be transformed
  • We persevere and keep going for the long haul


The purpose of education is to understand what it means to be human - living intentionally and asking two key questions: Who am I? Who am I becoming?

The Foundation of our students' learning is made up of five integrated objectives:

  • We develop competence, striving for excellence in skills, knowledge and qualifications
  • We foster character and self-belief and encourage our students and staff to become the best versions of themselves through the Oasis 9 Habits
  • We embrace community, advocating the value of living interdependently with others
  • We equip our students and staff to be engaged local and global citizens who strive for a better society
  • We nurture and empower a life-long passion for learning in all the people we serve


As an interdependent family, we enjoy exceptional strength and opportunity.

  • We believe that good relationships are at the heart of everything we do
  • We support and encourage each other in championing the Oasis Ethos
  • We work, learn and develop together so that students and staff can share and benefit from everyone's best practice


We work in partnership with our communities to transform lives, where everyone is included, can contribute and is able to reach their god given potential. We deliver this through an Oasis Hub, our model of integrated community development. 

  • We deliver education in the context of our Hubs
  • We create a culture of excellence for all


Our vision is driven through a passion and commitment to include everyone.

  • We believe all our children and young people are precious; we prioritise social inclusion and integration in all we do
  • We model and set high aspirations and expectations for every child and young person and member of staff
  • We provide opportunities and experiences for all of our students as well as their wider families, giving advantage to the disadvantaged


The curriculum is the heart of Oasis's educational provision.

  • We make great learning the foundation of every lesson
  • We design our curriculum to meet the needs of all
  • We strive for personal as well as academic and vocational excellence, achieving outcomes that drive social mobility and give everyone freedom of choice through their lives

Best Practice Academies

National Lead Practitioners

Oasis Community Learning Spring Conference 2018

I’m delighted to welcome all our delegates here for the Spring National Conference for Oasis Community Learning.

We’re dedicated to our children.  We want to develop their character, their competence, and in doing that, transform the communities we serve.

This year is about the launch of our Education Charter.  For us it sets out, what is distinctive about Oasis education?  How can we be exceptional? What should the entitlement for our young people be?  We want to make sure we exceed all of their expectations and aspirations for the future.

We’re about being faithful to the story of Oasis.  Oasis is an organisation committed to an ethos, and a set of values that trump everything else. 

Our ethos is who we are.  Our values are who we are.

At Oasis we fundamentally believe in equality, in healthy relationships, in a deep sense of hope that things can be transformed, and perseverance for the long haul. 

The Charter will give everyone involved in Oasis, all the children, all our families, real common ground and a framework to work towards that we all know that we’re providing for every child in our care.

I’ve been to a number of Oasis conferences now, and I think I reflect back to the one where I was a newcomer.  The warm welcome that I got from people, was there from the outset.  It is a family, it genuinely is a group of people who want to learn from each other, want to share their experiences as we’ve been doing today.  They’re in it for the long haul, they’re in it for transforming communities.

Every year we have the desire and the passion to develop the character and competence of every single, individual child.  In doing that, by doing things differently, we can transform the opportunities for our communities.

A really exciting development for us at Warndon last week, was the opening of our Hub.  A space for the community around the Academy.  Because if we’re going to improve the lives of our pupils, then we have to be in, and living and breathing in that community and that’s what the Oasis Hubs allows us to do.  We’re looking at a long-term game, and making a significant difference, and that will bring those academic standards but it won’t just bring that, it will bring transformation to the community.

We have a remarkable group of principals.  I always find it a privilege to be with them, and I think their being together and sharing together gives them a new strength, new impetus, new drive.  And the opportunity to reflect and to think about what they’re doing, particularly within the context of Oasis, its ethos and values.  These conferences are an essential part of how Oasis as a family works, if you’re a family, you’ve got to spend some time together.          


Oasis National Student Awards 2017

No speech in this video

National Conference Autumn 2017

I want to extend a really warm welcome to every single one of you in this room. Today we have leaders from across Oasis. We are all one team. 

Lets remember over these two days: your leadership, our responsibility, your service. Because we are building a better society.

It is going to be a great year

Oasis isn't about me and it isn't about you. we have the privilege of wearing the jersey, of wearing the badge, and we've given some badges out. 

And our task is to add value to that. 

It is the jersey that is sacred. Its that reputation that's sacred, that story, that legend that ethos.

I always enjoy coming to the Oasis conference because it is an opportunity for us to get together and share good practice, and work together and see what is working within Oasis as a multi academy trust.

It is that ability to be able to step back and share problems and ideas before then maybe sharing them with your own leadership team or academy council and measuring whether there are solutions to be found here and go back to your academy with some answers from other Principals who have experienced some of the difficulties or have ideas of what can work in your academy. 

It is being part of a family, where you can draw upon expertise, guidance and best practice from things ranging from leadership and management, teaching and learning to HR and finance.

We have got to be really intentional about what we want to build, we can't just let it happen. Today we are talking about an outstanding curriculum that has to be intentional because we are building citizens of the future. Disadvantaged students should stand as tall. So we have got to be really clear and intentional about what we are doing for those groups of students. We have got to be here for the long hall in terms of our efficiency and sustainability. And we have got to learn about how we share resources so we can put as much resources into our classroom and make a difference for those students we serve. 

Working for Oasis Community Learning as a Principal is a fantastic thing. We have a brilliant network of supportive principals who all share the same goals. We have a phenomenal organisation based around family and at the heat of it have exceptional education for all the communities we serve.

i myself started as a coordinator and have been able to go up to the position of a Principal and that's the opportunity the organisation has given me. It truly is an absolute family and there is nothing they wouldn't do for each other or for the children. It is an wonderful organisation to work for. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, all of you, whatever your role, you matter. On behalf of my board members, thank you very much indeed. We are really grateful. All power to you as you start the new year. May you hang on to your dreams and your visions. May you hang on to that desire that burns in. To enable those who have not had a fair chance. You want to give to every child in your care, the ability to express themselves in a meaningful way and to find joy and satisfaction in life. Have a really good year. Bless you. 

Our Journey

Let us take you on this journey of exceptional
Where we bring out the best in you and
Ignite that potent potential
A journey where we accept you for you
There's no illusion
Everyone is included in our circle of inclusion

We're enthusiasts
Infusing each individual with pride
Whether you're a student in a classroom
Parent in the community
Teacher in the staff room
Or support staff on duty

We're all one big family
Striving for transformation tied
In the art of providing exceptional education

We're stars within the cosmos
Shining bright with a rooted ethos to
Inspire everyone to aspire to be above average
Olympic high jumpers raising the bar
But we're not just raising the bar
We're closing the gap to exceptional education
Handing the advantage to the disadvantaged

Passionately persevering with every step on our pursuit to greatness

You can choose to travel fast alone
Or you can travel with us, further together

In our science of togetherness
The journey never ends
It's a marathon and we're in it for the long haul
Come and be part of our journey to exceptional

Exceptional education at the heart of the community.

Oasis Community Learning

At Oasis, we are totally dedicated to working with communities that have often been let down for many years, and it’s our vision to provide exceptional education at the heart of the community. This overarching aim runs through the centre of every single thing we do.

Oasis Community Learning is one of the largest multi-Academy trusts with Academies in four distinct regions across the country. We’re really proud that over the last two years, we have moved from 30% ‘Good’ or better to over 70% ‘Good’ or better schools, and that we continue to make great progress across the board.

Our Academies are developing the character and competence of every one of our young people, ensuring they are the best that they can be. We have an absolute belief that our students can achieve anything they want to.

We can make sure that every single one of our young people gets the same deal, whichever classroom they walk in to, and that is potentially the biggest thing that we can achieve as a family of Academies together.

The Academies’ ethos is really focused on support, it’s about everybody being equal and inclusive and making everybody the best that they can be.

Being part of the Oasis family, it’s one of the great opportunities of my life. But it also gives me the belief that I can be who I want to be – nothing is impossible!

Our mission is a huge one. It’s not just about transforming opportunities for young people, but it’s also about transforming whole communities.

It’s simple. We have a relentless commitment to every one of our students and their communities and here at Oasis Community Learning, we want to raise the bar for all students and close the gap.

Hear from Our Staff

Oasis Community Learning is a family of 47 Academies. We are based in four distinct regions across the country and we serve a very high proportion of disadvantaged communities. We’re really proud that over the last two years, we have moved from 30% ‘Good’ or better to over 70% ‘Good’ or better schools. We want to provide exceptional education at the heart of the community.

Undoubtedly without Oasis’ support I would not be where I am today. Oasis supported me through the Future Leaders programme and enabled me to go on the Headship Now programme, which ultimately resulted in me becoming Principal of this Academy.

When I first started teaching, I never thought I’d be wanting to lead a core subject, but three years down the line, I’m head of a year group, I’m taking on more responsibility. Without the support and the drive from other staff, and even the children around me, I wouldn’t have thought to have even imagined to do that.

When I started at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, I came in as an Early Years practitioner and through training – in-house and out-of-house – and support from senior management, I have worked my way up to Nurture Leader.

Every single person in this room registers that you’re now part of our family. We’re with you and we’re 100% behind you as you start your journey in Oasis, so let’s give them a big round of applause.

Already, the opportunities that I have had to work with other schools, to collaborate across for ideas and to look at ways to be more efficient as a leader has been really interesting.

The support that I have received through weekly observations and meetings with the subject mentor and a professional mentor have really helped me through that first couple of months which were really difficult in the classroom. And then, there’s this tailored CPD programme which is meant for new people to the classroom that has also really helped me to have a smooth start to my teaching career.

In terms of professional development, the opportunities keep coming. So for me I’m really happy to be part of the Oasis family.

When I started here, I came as the second in department – the learning coordinator. I’ve since become the head of department and have been wholly supported throughout that process.

For every teaching assistant, for every teacher, for every senior leader here, we’ve got to own the ethos, own that growth mind-set that anything is possible for our young people.

It’s very much a can-do attitude in terms of ethos. We’re inclusive, we’re welcoming and everybody feels a part of everything that we do.

We need to live out our ethos. It’s not just something that’s written on the walls, that we carry around in our files to Academies when we visit them. It’s something that, I think, each employee needs to be an owner for.

We need people who will come alongside us in our mission and serve young people of today, and help those who have relatively few chances to aspire to the heights.

[All statistics were true at time of recording]