Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

National Student Awards

Whist we are saddened to not hold the event as planned at the Birmingham ICC this year, there was no way we were not going to recognise our winners for the exceptional people they are. 

All of the children nominated for awards this year were sent a special certificate marking their nomination, with a letter from our CEO John Murphy letting them know how exceptional they are to us. These were posted to each academy who were then able to forward on or in the case where children were safe to come to school, given their certificate in a special assembly/presentation. 

Our overall winners were also sent a special trophy, marked with their name, academy and award title. They also had a video message from John congratulating them on their achievements and apologising for the cancellation of this year's event. 

As many of our nominees for the 2020 event were leavers, it was important to us to make sure that they received the recognition they deserved before embarking on their next chapter. 

Our winners 2020!

Trophy Awarded Child Academy
Character (Primary) Year 6 Pupil OA Broadoak
Character (Secondary) Liberty Light (Y9) OA Mayfield
Competence (Primary) Kieran Ody (Y6) OA Long Cross
Competence (Secondary) Year 9 Student OA Brightstowe
Community (Primary) Prabdeep Rai (Y6) OA Boulton
Community (Secondary) Arianna Maqedonci (Y13) OA Hadley
CEOs Special Mention Ronaldo Baker (Y12) OA Shirley Park
Chairs Special Mention Year 5 Pupil OA Broadoak

We are delighted to share some special photos of some of our exceptional young people below. 

We will now be holding the next National Student Awards in July 2021, with thanks to our sponsors