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Academies across the Oasis family take part in World Book Day 2020

Academies across the Oasis family take part in World Book Day 2020

On Thursday 5th March, students and staff from across the Oasis family took part in World Book Day and helped this year’s theme of ‘share a million stories.’ Several our academies took part in dressing up as their favourite book character and different activities, including story writing, and raffles.

World Book Day is a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own.

The main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own. So, what did our schools get up to;

Oasis Academy MediaCityUK

At Oasis Academy MediaCityUK in Salford, all students and staff celebrated the wonders of ‘World Book Day’. A hive of excitement, the school building was filled with teachers dressed as a variety of hilarious, well-known and famous characters. Students eagerly awaited to see which of their favourite characters had been brought to life on the day and which teachers had surpassed their imaginations.

Kate Emery, Teacher of English at Oasis Academy MediaCityUK, said; “Throughout the day, the staff operated their own chocolate factory, inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, which students could access if they were lucky enough (or worked hard enough) to win a ‘golden ticket’. Student minds were also challenged by visitors to their lessons throughout the day, who gave students a riddle to work out. Those students who were able to solve the riddles were awarded with a free book, a piece of stationary and their choice from a selection of treats.”

When asked about the day, Year 11 student, Madisen Johnston, commented “What I love about today is that I get to see my favourite characters come to life.” Whereas, Year 7 student, Lorena told us “I love that we spent more time reading today. I love books.”

Oasis Academy Putney

At Oasis Academy Putney, London staff and pupils celebrated World Book Day by coming into the academy dressed up as their favourite characters and raised money to buy books for the school. The morning was spent with the children visiting different story book characters (teachers) in each class and then we had a lovely assembly where the author Annie Harris shared a story she had been writing about one of the academy's dogs Lexi and her adventures on the common.

The children also took part in the Read for Good Readathon to raise money for books for children in hospitals.

Oasis Academy Broadoak

At Oasis Academy Broadoak in Ashton-Under-Lyne, this year’s World Book Day was a colourful affair. Their theme was colour which linked to The Day the Crayons Quit. All the children came dressed in as much as colour as possible, if not a crayon.

Pupil’s began the day with a welcome assembly with Martin Olsson (an illustrator of children’s poetry book). He explained his journey through his career and how he develops character and plot through illustration. He then lead a series of workshops with Early Years and KS2. It was certainly a day they wouldn’t forget and are already excited for next year!

Michelle Bottomley, Reception Teaching Assistant at Oasis Academy Broadoak, commented on the day, saying; “I was so impressed with how engaging the illustrator workshop was. The children created amazing drawings that told a story. I was particularly happy to see how happy and engaged the boys were.”

Amy Taylor, Year 6 Teacher, added; “The children had such a brilliant day as did all the staff. They loved coming into the classroom in the morning to find that all their equipment had quit and the challenge of persuading them to come back.”

Pupils said; “We did a debate about the yellow and orange crayon being the colour of the sun.”, “A world without colour would be terrible.”, and “It was really funny how all the crayons were coming alive and quitting.”

Oasis Academy Lord's Hill

At Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill in Southampton, this year’s World Book Day saw almost two thirds of Year 7 students entering into the spirit of the event by dressing as much loved characters and completing quizzes and a book treasure hunt in the School Library.

Students got creative as a diverse range of characters including sinister ghostly figures such as Death Eater, a variety of Warrior Cats and even the famous footballer Neymar turned up to the academy! Of course there were also a fair few Harrys and Hermiones, as well as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) and some Manga characters.

Oasis Academy Coulsdon

At Oasis Academy Coulsdon, Surrey students raised funds for the school library dressing as their favourite characters. In all lessons for Year 7 to Year 10, students began with a quiz about a different aspect of literature and literacy and then teachers of all subjects read a part of a short story with their class. By the end of the day, all students had read the whole story!

Catrin Green, Associate Principal at Oasis Academy Coulsdon, said; “We wanted to use the day to remind students that all teachers are teachers of reading and reading has relevance and importance across all subjects.”

Sophie Hellens, Year 9 Student at Oasis Academy Coulsdon, added; “On World Book Day, we did a book-related quiz every lesson. It was very nostalgic remembering all the books we read as children and the authors who wrote them. Seeing Mr Van Gelder and Mr Hodges dressed as The Cat in the Hat was nostalgic too! We also read part of a short story in every lesson. It was interesting to see teachers of all my subjects enjoying reading aloud to us!”

Oasis Academy Byron

At Oasis Academy Byron, Coulsdon their theme this year was ‘sharing a million stories’. The children (and staff!) were dressed up as favourite book characters and bought their special books to school.

Clare Wingrave, Principal at Oasis Academy Byron, said; “There were some amazing costumes including a book fairy who had wings made from pages of a book and a dress decorated During assembly staff shared their favourite books and authors and also read extracts from them to the children. During the day older classes buddied up with younger classes and the children shared stories with each other.”

Oasis Academy Clarksfield

At Oasis Academy Clarksfield, Oldham the children (and staff) enjoyed getting dressed up and spending a whole day focusing on books.

Across the academy, each year group got up to something different, in nursery parents were invited to a ‘play and stay’ session, reception pupils enjoyed listening to a story, year 1 read stories about Paddington Bear and then created a packed lunch for him, year 2 made bookmarks and read Winnine and Wilbur the Pirate Adventure, year 3 got creative and pretended to be film producers and created their own storyboards, year 4 read The Day The Crayons Quit, year 5 read Great Women Who Made History. They also brought in their favourite books, and year 6 pupils produced their own books about inspirational people.

Daniel Marsh