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Bristol Mayor attends student Q&A session at Oasis Academy Long Cross

Bristol Mayor attends student Q&A session at Oasis Academy Long Cross

The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, paid a special visit to Oasis Academy Long Cross (17th January 2020) in Lawrence Weston to meet with staff and children. Students were delighted to have the opportunity to question the Mayor on key issues and learn about his plans for the city.

Classrooms were filled with Year 5 and 6 children eager to ask Mr Rees, who grew up in Lawrence Weston, lots of questions about the environment, pollution, homelessness, building new homes and his job.

Whilst there, the Mayor was shown around the academy’s Resource Base which provides high-quality education for children with severe learning difficulties and complex needs.

The Mayor also spoke to Principal, Karen Sheppard, about the academy’s commitment to inclusion, its strong careers programme and the Oasis Community Hub North Bristol, which provides a number of community services for local people.

Commenting on his visit to the academy, Marvin Rees, Bristol’s Mayor said, “It was a pleasure to attend Oasis Academy Long Cross and learn about their strong commitment to inclusion and the work they’re doing to engage with the whole community. I particularly enjoyed hearing from the students who had a strong knowledge of challenges we face such as homelessness or the climate emergency.”

Karen Sheppard, Principal of Oasis Academy Long Cross said, “The children thoroughly enjoyed the Mayor’s visit. It was fantastic for our students to feel empowered to ask questions, challenge the world around them and listen to the Mayor’s message about playing an active, positive role in their city.”

Daniel Marsh