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Children’s University has arrived at Oasis Academy Watermead

Children’s University has arrived at Oasis Academy Watermead

Pupils, staff and parents at a local primary school situated in the heart of Sheffield are all set to attend the Children’s University Awards Ceremony at Sheffield Hallam University later this month, as they excel in learning activities that take place out of school time.

Learning doesn’t stop at home time and I love gaining credits and collecting badges through Children’s University.

The aspirational nation-wide project, which gives children at Oasis Academy Watermead the opportunity to earn credits towards a Children’s University degree through skills based, fun learning outside of the classroom have been asked to attend an awards ceremony as they go above and beyond their learning outside of the academy.

In a letter addressed to Principal, Adam Dawson it says “We would like to invite these [six] students to come with one parent or carer to a special Awards Ceremony at Sheffield Hallam University on Wednesday 18th March. 100 hours of learning out of school time is a great achievement and congratulations are due both to the students and to the school staff who have organised the activities.”

The Children’s University is a national charity which works with schools to encourage participation in extra-curricular activities particularly with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Children attend special graduation ceremonies when they have reached a target number of activity hours.

Adam Dawson, Principal at Oasis Academy Watermead, commented on his pupil’s success saying; “At Oasis Academy Watermead we value equity for all and the importance of widening children’s experiences beyond the classroom.”

“We have a whole school emphasis on experiential learning and already provide a broad range of lunch time and after school clubs. The Children’s University Programme goes hand in hand with our vision of providing exceptional education.”

A link to growth in success rates in numeracy and literacy compared to non-participants has been found in the Children’s University annual report for 2018/19, which was published in October 2019. The report, which measures the impact of out of school learning through the Children’s University programme in the past year, demonstrates a clear link to CU participation, improved academic achievement and attendance in school.

Una, a Year 5 Pupil from Oasis Academy Watermead, commented on her gold award, saying; “I love earning credits and I love attending all the different clubs and trying new things.”

Bradley, a Year 4 Pupil from Oasis Academy Watermead, added; “I enjoy attending extra curriculum clubs especially the sports ones. Learning doesn’t stop at home time and I love gaining credits and collecting badges through Children’s University.”

The Children’s University is an inspiring initiative, which as just reached a milestone where 45,000 children and young people have participated in the programme Sheffield-wide.

Katie Hamshaw, Sheffield Children’s University Lead at Sheffield City Council, added; “By rewarding the additional learning that pupils have taken part in outside of normal school hours and celebrating their achievements through our citywide award ceremonies, Sheffield CU aims to support and motivate children and young people to identify and achieve their aspirations.”

“This March, we are inviting over 500 pupils who have each taken part in over 100 hours of learning in their own time and earning a Gold Award to attend a special award ceremony at Sheffield Hallam University. 100 hours is a significant commitment and something that deserves to be celebrated and I want to extend a huge congratulations and well done to the children of Oasis Academy Watermead who have achieved this important milestone.”

Daniel Marsh