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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Kind-hearted Oasis Academy MediaCityUK student uses her daily exercise to litter pick around Salford

Kind-hearted Oasis Academy MediaCityUK student uses her daily exercise to litter pick around Salford

A kind-hearted youngster who lives in the heart of Salford and attends a local secondary school has been using her daily hour of exercise to litter pick around Salford.

Jasmine Rose, a 12-year-old student from Oasis Academy MediaCityUK became inspired to do her bit in the local community after watching the amazing efforts of the 100-year-old NHS fundraiser Captain Tom Moore.

When Jasmine was on her hour of exercise one day she had noticed and increase of rubbish on the ground and on green spaces near her home in Ordsall and wanted to do something to help and support the local community.

The 12-year-old then decided to combine her one hour of daily exercise with litter picking by doing a press up or star jump whenever she picked up a piece of rubbish.

Jasmine’s main aim is to pick up 500 pieces of rubbish each day during her one hour of exercise.

Gary Rose, Cleaning Manager and proud father of Jasmine, commented saying; “It just fills your heart with glow really. She knows her routes and she takes her four carrier bags in her pocket.”

“It’s so amazing to see how the Captain Tom generation has inspired her generation to do something. She got really motivated by Captain Tom. She said ‘If a 100-year-old is doing his bit, why can’t I?’”

Jasmine has set up a fundraiser to help raise as much money for the NHS as possible with a current target of £1,600. Anyone who is interested in donating can do so by following the link HERE.

Jasmine Rose, added; “I pick up any litter I come across to help clean up my streets and neighbourhood. Some days I pick up four carrier bags worth of rubbish that over time has built up, but I am walking that way anyhow so why not do my bit.”

Marie Dillon, Principal at Oasis Academy MediaCityUK, added; “We are incredibly proud of how Jasmine has been using her daily exercise to think about helping others during this challenging time. She is a wonderful student, compassionate, caring and the embodiment of our values at Oasis, she is a fantastic role model to others.”

Daniel Marsh