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Oasis Academy Clarksfield celebrate ‘Good’ judgement in recent Ofsted report!

Oasis Academy Clarksfield celebrate ‘Good’ judgement in recent Ofsted report!
Oasis Academy Clarksfield celebrate ‘Good’ judgement in recent Ofsted report!

Students, parents, and staff at Oasis Academy Clarksfield are celebrating after Ofsted has recently judged the school to be ‘Good’ overall in categories – quality of teaching, learning and assessment, outcomes for pupils, early years provision, effectiveness of leadership and management, and personal development, behaviour and welfare. 

In the glowing report, which published last week, inspectors praised the curriculum, pupil participation, especially the pupils’ enthusiasm on ‘Tremendous Tuesdays’ afterschool for extra-curricular activities, as well as the calm and encouraging school environment. 

Inspectors explain how the pupils at Oasis Academy Clarksfield benefit from a broad curriculum, including those with SEND. The report states that leaders at the academy have identified the important knowledge that pupils should learn, from early years onwards, ensuring that when new ideas are introduced, pupils can build progress.

“Children start to learn how to recognise sounds and letters in Nursery class. From the beginning of the Reception Year, pupils practise reading, writing and spelling using their phonic knowledge in daily lessons. Teachers check regularly on how well pupils are learning to read and arrange additional support for any pupils who fall behind.”

“Leaders ensure that the needs of pupils with SEND are identified early. Teachers deploy a range of strategies to ensure that this group of pupils access the same curriculum as their classmates. Leaders work well with a range of external agencies to provide pupils with appropriate specialist support when required.” 

The report continues to say that pupils are friendly, polite, and well-motivated. Further comments state that the ‘calm’ and ‘inclusive’ school environment displayed that pupils learn happily together and without interruption.

Inspectors found that leaders of the academy provide a ‘rich menu’ of opportunities for pupils, to foster understanding of the world beyond their school and the local community, “...pupils understand that people have different beliefs, families, and cultures. They demonstrate respect for all.”  Furthermore, subject leaders have been positively acknowledged for using their expertise to provide clear guidance support to teachers, who have also been identified for having strong knowledge and explain ideas clearly in lessons.

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders have been commended for ensuring that staff receive regular training so that they are sensitive to the signs that might indicate that a pupil is suffering or at risk of harm.

“Staff understand that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. They follow agreed procedures to report any concerns, and these are followed up promptly by leaders. The safeguarding team works successfully with a range of outside agencies to access support for vulnerable pupils and their families.” 

Commenting on the report, Principal, Nigel Fowler says: “Our academy community here at Oasis Academy Clarksfield are delighted that with our recent Ofsted judgement, we are a ‘Good’ academy in all areas.”

“I am truly proud of this report and thrilled to read so many positive comments. I would like to thank the pupils, staff, parents, and members of the community who over the years have supported us on our continued journey to provide an amazing education to the young people in our care.” 

Oasis Academy Clarksfield celebrate ‘Good’ judgement in recent Ofsted report!
Himali Dolatessim