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Oasis Academy Clarksfield pupils write to PM, Boris Johnson, and gets a response!

Oasis Academy Clarksfield pupils write to PM, Boris Johnson, and gets a response!

A group of eco-conscious youngsters from an Oldham primary school recently sent a letter to the Prime Minister, and were overwhelmed when they received a response.

Year 3 pupils from Oasis Academy Clarksfield, situated in the heart of Oldham recently wrote to 10 Downing Street after they had learnt about trees and the effects deforestation have on wildlife. Last week a member of the PM’s team wrote back to them.

Eshan, Year 3 Pupil at Oasis Academy Clarksfield said; “We wrote a letter to Boris Johnson because we have been learning about why trees are important and deforestation. We watched a video about orang-utans losing their homes because of deforestation and we wanted to do something to stop it. I didn’t think he would answer us but we got a letter back from him telling us how he is trying to help.”

The letter was from a Correspondence Officer which was sent from 10 Downing Street on behalf of the Prime Minister.

The letter read; “The Government agrees with you that the deforestation is a big problem in many countries around the world, and in January 2018 the Government set out how it would support and protect the world’s forests in our 25 Year Environment Plan. Since 2011 the UK has spent over £800 million on international forest and land use programmes, including projects that aim to save forests.”

Emily Charles, Class Teacher at Oasis Academy Clarksfield, commented saying; “The children were astonished to learn he rate at which animals are losing their habitats due to deforestation and wanted to make a change. They initially had a protest in the school playground which gained their cause attention within school, but upon reflection decided that writing a letter to the Prime Minister would be more effective. They spent time researching and drafting their letters and were excited for them to be posted.”

The letter continued, saying; “This year, the UK will be hosting the United National Climate Change Sumit in Glasgow. We will be using this opportunity to work with many other countries to halt deforestation and protect biodiversity. Thank you, once again, for writing to the Prime Minister about this important issue.”

Daniel Marsh