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Oasis Academy Connaught eco warriors plant 25 trees on school grounds

Oasis Academy Connaught eco warriors plant 25 trees on school grounds

Eco warrior youngsters from a local Bristol primary school have been doing their bit for the environment following COP26 last week.

Three more schools in the local area of Bristol are also taking part and planting a ange of trees on their school grounds.

Jim Smith, Filwood Tree Champion, commented saying; "They were all planted, then measured – with a decorated, 100cm measuring stick – watered in and name label attached, all within one hour of starting!"

Badges, decorated by the children, were given out for them to wear, to commemorate this tree planting event. With thanks to Connaught School for permission to carry out this invaluable task.

The trees and equipment were funded by Knowle West Alliance – with the oaks obtained by Bristol Tree Forum and measuring sticks came from offcuts from Filwood Green Business Park.

Duncan George, High Level Teaching Assistant at Oasis Academy Connaught, added; "Oasis Academy Connaught’s recently appointed Year 5 Eco Warriors had great fun planting their oak trees with Jim.

They took great pride doing their bit towards the fight against climate change, and knowing that those trees will one day become mighty oaks, to be enjoyed by the school and local community for decades to come.”

Daniel Marsh