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Oasis Academy Connaught teacher publishes magical children’s book during lockdown

Oasis Academy Connaught teacher publishes magical children’s book during lockdown

Having worked for a number of years in a Knowle West primary school in a pastoral role, covering a range of social and emotional needs, Stevie-Jane Wade said “this was a personal goal for me. I wanted to write a book before I was forty!”

Stevie-Jane, now 40 has achieved that goal, and has written and published her first book ‘The Magical Feelings of Moodville-First Day at School’ – aimed at young people aged four to eight years old.

The Oasis Academy Connaught pastoral staff member never intended to publish her book as it was originally one she wrote purely for her four year old daughter.

The story, written about seven-year-old twins, Rae and George, who face the challenging journey of starting a new school. Worried, frightened, and sad with a touch of excitement thrown in, they wonder if they will ever get themselves through the school gate.

As they arrive, they are quickly swept away to a magical world called Moodville. Here they meet Wren Worry, Seth Sad, Ella Excitement, Nev Nervous, Flora Frightened and Andre Angry, a group of mysterious characters called the Feelings.

Will they be able to help Rae and George overcome their overwhelming emotions, or will the twins not make it to school after all?

Stevie-Jane Wade, Author and Pastoral Support at Oasis Academy Connaught, commented on her newly published book, saying; “It was my editor that encouraged me to publish it, and in the end I decided to go down the self-publishing route.”

“The Magical Feelings of Moodville-First Day at School, was released eight days after my fortieth birthday! I’m very excited about the future, me and my lovely illustrator Claire Bicknell are already discussing the illustrations for the next story.”

A fun fantasy story about feelings and emotions aimed at exploring the anxieties caused in everyday life, The Magical Feelings of Moodville supports social-emotional learning, encouraging children to ask questions and explore the kind of emotions children find difficult to explain.

The magical gripping story is available to purchase from Amazon and has already received numerous 5 star customer ratings, including; “A wonderful rhyming book that my 4 year old has made me read 10 times already! Great as she is starting school this year and a great introduction of how to talk to you do children about their feelings! Ella excited is definitely our favourite...hope there are more books in this collection!”

You can purchase The Magical Feelings of Moodville-First Day at School via Amazon HERE, and keep up to date with Stevie-Jane Wades potential future publications via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Daniel Marsh