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Oasis Academy Fir Vale Achieves IQM Centre of Excellence Status!

Oasis Academy Fir Vale Achieves IQM Centre of Excellence Status!
Oasis Academy Fir Vale Achieves IQM Centre of Excellence Status!

Oasis Academy Fir Vale have recently announced that they’ve been awarded the prestigious IQM Inclusive School Award. This achievement demonstrates the academy’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity. In addition to this, the IQM report also confirms that Oasis Academy Fir Vale has also received the Centre of Excellence status, as they offer exceptional support to all students, families, and extended local community members.

Oasis Academy Fir Vale is based in a neighbourhood with 60% of students from different backgrounds. The academy has been recognised by the IQM for understanding the needs of their students and the community, where they have worked tirelessly to create an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and supported, not only in their educational journey, but at home and in the wider community too.

The academy’s dedication to diversity goes beyond the classroom; it includes joint initiatives with health teams and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), as well as relationships with local charities including Changing Faces, Eden Charity, and Chilypep.

The IQM report points out that the Oasis Community Space is a noteworthy accomplishment that offers essential resources and assistance to pupils, parents, and other members, through initiatives such as coffee mornings, housing advice, beginner conversational English sessions, and deliver courses in areas like cooking, sleep, healthy eating, and hygiene. One parent summed up their Oasis Academy Fir Vale experience by saying “We feel seen.”

According to the IQM report, assessor Ms Nichola Russell found that the academy’s dynamic involvement of their local community in academy life, from cultural days and religious festivities to music and dance events and summer fetes, positively impacts the way the school is perceived. The report states that “100% of parents would recommend the academy to others.” (Parent View 2023).

Further highlights from the report include:

·         “Staff are skilled in the way they support pupils. The vast majority of pupils speak English as an additional language. Those new to the country often have had no formal schooling. Staff waste no time in developing pupils’ skills to enable them to be successful learners.”

·         “Staff have opportunities to develop their careers whilst at Oasis Academy Fir Vale. Professional Development opportunities are bespoke, relevant and valued.”

·         “The teachers plan learning activities which capture the children’s imagination. All children were enthused by the learning in all classes visited. The staff has developed an ethos of positivity with a ‘can do’ attitude underpinning school life.”

·         “Technology is used effectively to support the learning in the lesson. As part of the Horizons project, EVERY child attending Oasis Academy Fir Vale has their own iPad giving them access to enhanced online learning. Staff and children use the devices together in lessons to bring subjects to life and to participate in shared learning.”

·         “Children understand the success criteria and regularly reflect on their own learning. They are actively encouraged to support each other in the learning process. The EAL Leader has introduced vocabulary mats; ‘I have learned, I am learning, Next I will learn’ which gives ownership to the child/ren.”

·         The support for families at Oasis Academy Fir Vale is exceptional. The IQM Leader is an outstanding leader. Equally as remarkable is the work of the EAL Leader who is instrumental in supporting parents and carers on all admission matters, transition points and in all aspects of curriculum and language support for families. The parents/carers who met with me during the assessment days spoke positively of the support they receive.”

Principal Helen Round reflected on the achievements: “Receiving the IQM Inclusive School Award and achieving Centre of Excellence status reaffirms our commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all. We are truly grateful for the dedication and support of our entire academy community and remain committed in our mission to empower every pupil to reach their full potential.”

IQM Lead at Oasis Academy Fir Vale, Kiran Hussain, also said “Receiving the IQM Inclusive Award acknowledges our mission to creating an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued. We are proud of this achievement and will continue to work towards a community that feel supported, whilst delivering exceptional education at the heart of our community too.”

Congrats to all at Fir Vale!

Oasis Academy Fir Vale Achieves IQM Centre of Excellence Status!
Himali Dolatessim