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Oasis Academy Foundry shines during IQM Flagship school review

Oasis Academy Foundry shines during IQM Flagship school review

A local primary school situated in one of the most deprived wards in the country has regained the status of ‘Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship School’ for another year following a glowing review that took place during the summer term. They are just one of 100 schools in the UK to receive this prestigious award.

Together, everyone achieves more – Oasis Academy Foundry, situated in Winson Green, Birmingham impressed the independent accessor saying; “Oasis Academy Foundry truly recognises and responds to the diverse needs of the children and their families. They understand that education is a holistic experience that starts with a sense of belonging and continues through high quality aspirational and personalised learning experiences.”

Highlights within the report include;

  • “Children here recognise and respect differences, they understand the true meaning of equity and tolerance through ongoing systemically embedded teaching.”
  • “The school is a calm environment that provides a safe base for children to develop resilience skills and a growth mindset where limits are seen as self-imposed hurdles to overcome.”
  • “Whilst the overarching Oasis MAT curriculum will provide a strong framework, there will be regional flexibility in subjects such as geography and history, allowing the curriculum to continue to be meaningful in different settings.”

The Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship School status is awarded to a school that carries out classroom/school-based research project which will builds on the already excellent inclusive practice going on in school. Flagship schools work together to promote inclusion and support others.

Emma Johnson, Executive Principal at Oasis Academy Foundry, commented on the award saying; “We are absolutely thrilled to receive this amazing report, which is a testament to the hard work, commitment, and passion of all the staff at the academy and local community.”

“At Oasis Academy Foundry, we are committed to ensuring all pupils, no matter their background, have access to the opportunities and skills needed to fulfil and maximise their potential.”

During the academy’s review, the accessor completed virtual strategic discussions with the executive principal, two deputy principals, assistant SENCO, assistant early years and reading lead, and writing lead.

Assessor at Inclusion Quality Mark UK Ltd, commented on the academy’s status saying; “In short, Oasis Academy Foundry shows multidimensional inclusivity in an intelligent, respectful, humble and meaningful way. Its core thinking is nicely summarised by a tweet earlier in the year that provides metaphoric representation of their approach:”

“We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school on the 8th of March. Don’t worry if your school shoes are too small, wear what fits you. We can worry about all that in September. Let’s just enjoy being back in school together.”

“It was an absolute pleasure to speak with you and to see you all making such an incredible difference to the children and families you work with. Thank you to all for your time and I hope it will be possible to visit you in person very soon.”

Daniel Marsh