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Oasis Academy Johanna supports the Oasis IT Directorate in '9 Habits' Project

Oasis Academy Johanna supports the Oasis IT Directorate in '9 Habits' Project

During the 2019 Summer Term Simon Barber from Oasis Academy Johanna worked with students from all year groups to create video records of their understanding of the Oasis 9 Habits. They developed the videos with direct filming and techniques including stop frame animation. The goal was to increase confidence in the use of a range of technologies whilst developing interpersonal skills, starting with the Year 6 students who were just about to move on to new schools.

Production teams worked out the best way to capture each year group’s thoughts about what the 9 habits meant for them.

The students worked on a combination of devices and had to become confident users, presenters and directors before they could finalise their videos. They had to develop scripts and work out timings, which tied in literacy and Numeracy skills.

The range of technology devices used were cameras iPads and desktop computers.

The main Apps students became confident with were ‘I Can Animate’, ‘iMovie’ and ‘Movie Maker’.

So What Next?

After the success of the trial project, Simon is working with the National Improvement Network Team to integrate the skills, methodology and learning outcomes into project work – as well as checking later on in 2020 whether the students still feel the same about the 9 habits or whether they have altered their opinions.

Watch this space for more news when the videos are on general release and a comprehensive ‘How To’ guide with full details of technical specifications, planning and timelines so you too can get going!

Daniel Marsh