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Oasis Academy Longmeadow hosts careers fair with inspirational guest speakers

Oasis Academy Longmeadow hosts careers fair with inspirational guest speakers

Recently, Oasis Academy Longmeadow in Trowbridge hosted their Futures and Choices Day for pupils in Years 3 to 6 and invited speakers to the school from a range of careers giving children the chance to ask them questions about their roles.

Guest speakers at the event included an award-winning Youtuber and filmmaker, police community support officers, a lawyer, and a computer games designer. The event took place over a two-hour period and children rotated in small groups between speakers to make sure everyone got a chance to hear from their visitors.

Speaking prior to the event, Youtuber Brady Haran, said, “I’m really excited to be here, I don’t often get a chance to speak to kids of this age and I always enjoy talking about my work. I’m a Youtuber and podcaster, and I am told that making videos is one of the most desirable jobs for young kids. I’m hopeful that I can tell them a little bit about how I started doing it and what it is like doing it as a real job rather than a hobby”.

Pupils were captivated by Mr Haran’s story of how he got into the video industry and were delighted when he showed them his YouTube Gold Creator award, earned for surpassing the milestone of over 1 million subscribers.

Helen Adams, Principal at Oasis Academy Longmeadow, commented saying: “Our Futures and Choices Day was an amazing opportunity for children to meet people who do a wide variety of interesting jobs. The children met people who did jobs they didn’t even know existed. After the day they were buzzing with excitement about the range of possible futures ahead of them”.

Throughout the event children were engaged and eager to ask lots of questions and enjoyed looking at the props guests had brought in for them. Alex, Year 3, said “I really enjoyed meeting the artist who designed for computer games. It’s amazing how she can make the characters look like whatever she wants”.

Daniel Marsh