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Oasis Academy Mayfield donates 20 crates of supplies to foodbanks

Oasis Academy Mayfield donates 20 crates of supplies to foodbanks

A secondary school in Southampton donated to a number of food banks amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Oasis Academy Mayfield's students and staff donated 20 crates of tins, bread, milk, juice and more to local food banks in Southampton key supplies to keep them stocked up during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The disruption to supermarkets means local foodbanks are particularly stretched, leaving them in desperate need of donations.

Therefore, Oasis Academy Mayfield invited all children, who are well and not self- isolating, to come into school on Friday, March 20 in non-uniform, with an item suitable to give to a foodbank.

In these hard times, the school wanted to show their compassion for those who will be struggling in the next weeks.

Paul Woodman, Director of Ethos & Hub, took a minibus full of 20 crates of food plus cash donations to their local food bank. In this crisis, they are supporting over 100 families a day.

The school said the volunteers serving there were overjoyed with the donation.

Claire Taylor, Principal at Oasis Academy Mayfield said: “There has been a tremendous response to our appeal for staff and local families to support the local food bank.

"We were able to collect a full minibus of food from our local academies and deliver it directly to the food bank.

"Many thanks to our generous and compassionate Mayfield family.”

This comes as A foodbank is struggling to keep up with demand amid the Coronavirus and is urging residents to help.

Romsey Foodbank is experiencing a "significant increase" of demand due to COVID-19.

Romsey Foodbank has put out an appeal asking shoppers, in the middle of this unprecedented increase in demand, to continue to contribute to the bank.

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