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Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe gears up for the festive season with ’14 Days of Christmas’

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe gears up for the festive season with ’14 Days of Christmas’

Festivities can’t take place in their usual format this year, but one Grimsby school isn’t letting this interfere with their holly jolly Christmas advent plans.

Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe in the heart of Grimsby has organised 14 separate events for every pupil and staff member to join in to from a ‘Reindeer Day’ to a chocolate raffle. This primary school isn’t letting COVID get in the way of their Christmas!

Katie McGuire, Principal at Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe commented on the events saying; “This year is a very different Christmas to many we have previously celebrated at Nunsthorpe, but we’re busy putting together an action-packed ‘14 Days of Christmas’ that will feature loads of exciting activities.”

“Children will also have the opportunity to take part in arts and crafts, including a special delivery of baubles which they will be able to decorate and take home for their own trees, and a magical panto day. We can’t wait!”

Events began at the academy on Tuesday 1st December where the real-life advent calendar began. Separate events will happen during each school day between 1st December and 18th December.

Some of the events include; the big Christmas quiz which Principal, Mrs McGuire will be hosting and everyone with correct answers will win a raffle ticket for the chocolate raffle.

On Monday 14th December it’s panto day. Oh yes, it is! Little Nunsthorpe, Y1 and Y2 are watching ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’, while the rest of the school will watch ‘Best Christmas Ever’, all screened directly into their classrooms.

The traditional Christmas dinner is taking place on Wednesday 16th December, and on Thursday 17th December it’s time to party as all pupils can come in their own clothes with traditional Christmas games and treats, the academy has a whole lot of fun planned for the month of December.

Pupils are excited about the planned events, with one saying, “This year has been so much better than last year. Mrs McGuire opens different doors on the online advent calendar so we can see our friends and family!” and another feeling competitive: “I am really looking forward to the Christmas Quiz and the Christmas challenges. I really want our class to win!”

Reindeer Day has been a success, with one pupil telling Mrs McGuire, “I am enjoying learning about reindeers. Did you know that a Reindeer can run at 80KM/H?”

Want to find out the full list of events taking place? Head over to Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe’s website HERE to see all the details of what they have in store.

Daniel Marsh